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published time By Vanessa published time 16 May, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

Summertime calls for cocktailing and chilling and that’s exactly what’s in store for you this weekend. So, drop everything you have in hand and replace it with a cooling sipper, as you explore the finest cocktail festival in town. 
Whether you’re an alcohol aficionado or just someone looking for a tasty tipple, head to the Diageo World Class Cocktail Festival on 18th May 2019. The festival brings together India’s top 25 mixologist to compete and showcase their flair of bartending.  

 World Class: A Summer Cocktail Festival You Just Can’t Miss

What can you expect here? 
A plethora of delicious drinks, for starters. And, you can sip on them as you watch some of the most skilled bartenders flaunt their talents through the art and science of cocktail making. To top it off, the evening will be adorned with great music and food, the two most important elements that makes sipping on a cocktail so much more fun. 
And, that’s not all of it. You get to be a part of an internationally recognised competition. 
World Class is the perfect platform for bartenders to build their career in the industry as per global standards. It helps them elevate their craft and skills through the competition which culminates in an annual landmark week where the Bartender of the Year is announced. 
At this festival, you become part of this grand event and can even meet the potential Indian finalist who will travel to compete in the World Class finals in Glasgow. 
Now that’s what you call a good weekend plan! So, clear up your calendar and head to the World Class Cocktail Festival on Saturday, 18th May 2019, at WeWork, Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), Mumbai.

World Class: A Summer Cocktail Festival You Just Can’t Miss

WeWork, for those of you who don’t know, is one of the trendiest co-working spaces. It is a global platform that offers small-to-medium-sized businesses a shared office, a co-working environment and a bunch of services that brings about a steady work-life balance. 

Head to this WeWork venue for the cocktail festival. But first, buy your tickets here. 
Happy Cocktailing, ya’ll!


*Drink Responsibly!