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published time By Sabah IndiaSyndicate published time 23 Jun, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

Food and drink are like fashion, trends constantly changing with the times. Here’s how the cocktails of the year are looking.

Truly Indian    
Chefs all over the world discovered some time ago the magic that Indian spices can bring to international classics. Now, it’s the turn of bartenders. Cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger – staples of the Indian spice rack – are now scenting and flavouring cocktails in some of the world’s coolest bars. 

Cinnamon Cocktail - Top Cocktail Trends of 2017

Sustainable specials
These days, one of the key driving principles for restaurant kitchens and bars is all about going local, fresh and cutting down on the carbon footprint. Bartenders are not far behind. They are looking to bring elements of sustainability into their creative efforts. This means using ingredients cleverly, cutting down waste and celebrating seasonal produce such as tropical fruit in cocktails. 

Getting fresh
Artificial syrups and flavours are a no-no in the really hip bars of today. Bartenders, like chefs, are foraging for interesting new ingredients, fresh and locally sourced, which can enhance their drinks. Think aloe and goji berries, guava juice, and even vegetable reductions.

Goji Berries - Top Cocktail Trends of 2017

Naturally sweet
An extension of the ‘go natural’ principle is that bars are cutting down on sugars – considered one of the villains in every cocktail glass – and are looking for natural alternatives. So, don’t be surprised if you’re drinking more cocktails made sweet with sugar cane juice, for instance.

The skills of bartenders have expanded to beyond shaking and stirring behind the counter. Many are making their own infusions to create stunning new bases for cocktails. So, you’ll find gin infused with exotic herbs, whisky that’s been steeped in spice and vodka that’s been aged in barrels. The result is intensely flavoured and unique drinks that are a bartender’s signature.

Tonic on top
Forget the gin, the tonic is now the hero. And it comes flavoured and infused. With these dressed up tonics, peated whisky, tequila all get to the next level in cocktails.


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