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“If you’re are passionate about something, never consider working hours to be a barrier.”  

These words of wisdom are the first thing Tobias Carvalho shares with us. It’s something he learnt from his mentors and practises every day. 

Tobias is a bartender at Home by PVR in Delhi. But he’s not your usual 7pm to 1am kind of bartender. Some days, you can find him working for 16 hours at a stretch, perfecting his passion for bartending. It’s this dedication that’s brought him today to the Top 10 finalists of World Class 2019, an international bartending competition hosted by Diageo Reserve. 

We managed to get a few minutes in between his cocktail making hours to ask him about his one true passion.  

When did you first realise you liked bartending?
Let’s just say that appreciating the art of drinking has always been a big culture in my family. We’re Goans, after all. That’s where it all began, and I just followed through.  

Tobias Carvalho Gives His Passion For Bartending A World Class Makeover

What cocktail do you order when you’re on the other side of the bar?
I usually prefer cocktails with a strong profile such as a Negroni, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Tipperary etc. 

One overrated drink you’re tired of hearing people order 
For me, it’s not a particular drink but when people demand for things like less ice or no ice in a cocktail that’s supposed to have ice. People think that if they order something with less ice, they will get extra alcohol. 

When anyone orders a Mojito with less ice and they get half a drink, they are usually confused as to why their drink is not full. If they would like something minty with rum and no ice, they should be ordering a Mint Daiquiri instead. 

Tobias Carvalho Gives His Passion For Bartending A World Class Makeover

Tell us a bartending trick you learned during World Class 
The Science Of Smoke module was a really interesting concept I learnt at World Class. It gave me a lot of ideas. I have even used it in my signature World Class cocktail. 
Tell us about your World Class cocktail creation and how it stands out from the rest
My cocktail is called ‘Breakfast At Carbost’. It is a dedicated to the people from the town of Carbost where Talisker is made. There is a small coffee shop near the distillery. So, I thought that most of them might be starting their day at the coffee shop and then heading to the distillery. I took inspiration from that and made my cocktail from the ingredients one would have in the morning at that coffee shop. 

What cocktails should we be sipping in 2019?
Any cocktail that you like. New cocktails today will turn into classics in the future someday.

Now that you’ve made it to the top 10, how do you plan to impress your guests?
Irrespective of being part of the Top 10, I think a bartender should always try new tricks to impress their guests. I try to interact with my guests too and even talk to them about my entire World Class journey from top 50 to top 10 while they sip on my drink.

If you could choose anyone at all to share a drink with right now, who would pick and what drink would it be?  
It would be Paul McCartney and the drink would be an Old Fashioned. 

If you want to check out Tobias Carvalho’s cocktail creations, follow him on Instagram @roly_poly_toby

Image Credits: Instagram/@Realmistertwisted

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