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published time By Sabah IndiaSyndicate published time 23 Jun, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

Cocktails, like fashion, keep changing with time. We tell you what’s hot on this ever-changing scene right now. 

Make it different 
The classics always have their place and the perfect Old Fashioned or Cosmopolitan still takes some beating. Today’s millennials, however, want everything to be new, fresh and to break the rules. Bartenders are obliging, conjuring up unusual combinations, serving them in unique styles – even in steel tumblers and beakers – and topping them with uncommon garnishes. The result is something that makes the customer sit up, take notice and Instagram it right away!

Everybody wants a cocktail 
Time was when whisky drinkers would not venture beyond Scotch and single malt, and rum fans stuck with their fave brands. Now, even connoisseurs of straight drinks are venturing into the cocktails territory to sample something new. To order a Whisky Sour or a flavoured Mojito is the fashionable thing to do in the hippest bars.

evolving cocktail culture:

Experiments with ingredients 
To cater to the ever-growing demand for ‘something new’ from the been-there-done-that customer, bars are focusing on drinks that are way off the charts. Exotic or uncommon ingredients are one of the best ways to achieve this. So, you’re seeing home infusions – think whisky with mandarin and vodka with rose petals – vegetable extracts, herbs and spices making their way into cocktail glasses. The artificial syrup and some crushed ice just won’t cut it anymore!

evolving cocktail culture:

The home bar 
Cocktails fans who enjoy the perfect Martini or Margarita when they go out are also wanting to drink cocktails in the comfort of their home. So, the home bar is getting stocked and equipped for making mixed drinks. YouTube videos with cocktail-making tips and instructions are fast becoming a big hit.

The more the merrier 
Food in some of the more edgy restaurants is taking the family-style route with large platters to share. Can cocktails be far behind? So, large pitchers of Margaritas and Mojitos are making it to tables. Sharing cocktails is simply the coolest thing to do now!


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