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Perfect Drink your Girl

Want to get the drinks just right on your date? If you know your girlfriend’s personality, we’ll tell you exactly what to please her with.


For the fashionista:

That girl who’s always on top of the trends and still has a classic style all her own, she’ll appreciate a cocktail that’s just like her. We’re talking Cosmopolitans here, simple, but elegant and zesty with orange peel.

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Fashionista - Perfect Drink your Girl


For the fun-loving girl:

Is she what they call effervescent and bubbly? Order the Sparkling Serenade for her (created by Diageo brand ambassador Nicholas Ord) and you can do no wrong. With its Tanqueray gin, apples, berries and Champagne, it’ll put the sparkle in her eye.


For the die-hard party girl:

If she’s always ready to slip into her glad rags and get to the most happening party in town, she loves the night, right? Gravity Attracts is a perfect pick for this young lady. It’s a neon-blue, late-night encounter, marrying Curaçao to rosemary and frothed pineapple, with the softest kiss of luxurious Cîroc Vodka.

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For the free spirit:

She dreams of traveling, going to faraway places, seeking adventure or just solitude on a mountain slope. She loves a Mojito, classic or flavored, which always conjures up images of tropical beaches and holidays in the sun.


For the tough girl:

She’s the boss around the place and everyone knows it. Tough, smart, strong, she’s a lady who likes it straight. Why not woo her with a super single malt? She has the good taste to enjoy it.


Image Credits:, images.fineartamerica, hellawella, encourages you to Party Responsibly!

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