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published time By Sabah IndiaSyndicate published time 23 Jun, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

You have your favourite bars of course, but sometimes you want to shake up great drinks at home.

Fruity Cocktail - Great cocktails at home

Here’s how to perfect the art.

Set it up
First things first, get the basics right. If you already have a bar set-up at home that’s great. If not, go about getting the essentials. You need different sorts of glasses – martini, long, short, etc. A good cocktail shaker is an absolute must, too. Besides that, you can add on strainers, swizzle sticks and any other paraphernalia that you may like.

Get the right ingredients
Your cocktails will depend on the quality of the ingredients you use. Start with a basic collection of spirits and buy the very best you can. Some good whisky – not single malts – vodka, rum, tequila, and gin should get you started. Liqueurs can add an exotic touch to most cocktails so consider buying an orange, coffee, cherry and other liqueurs. When it actually comes to making cocktails, use fresh fruit and garnishes as far as possible.

Start experimenting
Once your set-up and your ingredients are in place, it’s time to start shaking up your cocktails. Begin with classics, following videos or recipe books. When you have mastered the basics, feel free to experiment. Mix together spirits and other ingredients and let your creative instincts take over. Keep tasting and tweaking and you are bound to come up with great drinks.

Stay updated
Cocktail trends are changing all the time. So, skilled bartenders recommend that you stay on top of the trends by reading books, articles, columns on bartending and cocktail-making. Watch videos as well for inspiration.

Follow the leaders
Do some research and find out bartenders whose work and style you like. Follow them on social media. It’s a super way to get new ideas and learn from the professionals.

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