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published time By Vanessa published time 29 May, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

Cocktail coloured dreams do come true, especially if you’re a World Class bartending champion. 

Ever been amazed by the glitzy life behind the bar counter? Well, you should, because it’s every bit amazing. Don’t just take our word for it, hear it straight from the World Class Indian Bartender of the Year 2018, Gaurav Dhyani

Get The World Class Experience With 2018 Champion Gaurav Dhyani

Gaurav admits bartending has always been a passion for him and World Class made all his dreams come true. 

“I would lack that amount of passion if I did anything other than bartending. I think I am tailor-made by God to be what I am today.”

Gaurav emerged as the winner last year after competing against more than 250 bartenders from all over India. He was tested for creativity, ingenuity and speed, after which he scored the highest and went on to represent India at the World Class finals in Berlin. There he made it to the Top 15! 

Life has never been the same since he got back!

We caught up with him to experience first-hand how his life changed after World Class

Tell us about the opportunities that poured in soon after World Class. 
After returning from the Berlin finals, I had several offers from Asia’s best stand-alone and 5 Star restaurants. But in the end, chose to enter the hotel industry and joined the luxurious Ritz Carlton. 

Get The World Class Experience With 2018 Champion Gaurav Dhyani

Turn back time and tell us, how did your bartending journey begin
I always thought there was something very catchy about bartenders and bartending. The flipping, shaking, mixing and all the showbiz involved was very fascinating. It got me interested while in college itself and that’s when my journey of an aspiring bartender began.  

The first time I mixed drinks, it was for a huge event of 1200 odd people in a small town in Saharanpur. The irony of this was that my first real job was not making cocktails but mocktails! 

I have come a long way since mixing my first mocktail to finally concocting cocktails on an international bartending platform like World Class. 

What made you participate in World Class? 
While working at the Taj, I saw people participating and I always dreamt to be on the other side of the stick. But never got the opportunity, as I was a fresher. However, one day I was offered to participate in World Class 2014 and the person who suggested this was none other than Zbigniew Zapart, the brand ambassador for Diageo! That year, even though it was my first ever national competition, I got the second position in India.  

What was that one thing according to you that helped you win World Class India 2018?
It took me 4 years of trying, to win this title. I can’t pinpoint one thing, there were several factors like staying focused and never giving up. With each year, there was a lot more passion and hard work put into it.

How did it feel to represent India on a global level?
Representing my country on the global front among 65 odd participants from across the world is something I’ll always take pride for but making it in the Top 15 was the cherry on the cake.

One advice you'd like to give the competing bartenders this year 
Never give up, strive for the best, believe in yourself and learn from failures.

World Class changed Gaurav Dhayni’s life and career last year and this year it will do the same for another deserving bartender. Follow World Class India to catch up on the latest news about the competition this year.

*Drink Responsibly!