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Inspiration behind the cocktail TRADITIONAL RAJASTHANI THEME ( INSPIRATION PENNICILIN RECIPE ) Rao jodha founder of jodhpur My cocktail is all about royality so i used J.W Gold and life of warriors. Once,late at night, Rao Jodha stopped at a farmers house.They did not recognize who he was. He was given a bowl of hot khichdi, an Indian stew. Jodha put his fingers in the centre of the bowl and burnt his fingers. The farmer's wife commented, "Stranger, you are making the same mistake as our king (Jodha) is. Khichdi is hottest in the centre and coolest at the edge". This prompted Jodha to stop worrying about Mandore and just focus on outlying forts, which he managed to win with ease. In due time he captured Mandore.

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Glass : black stone glass covered with leather (availblity in those time)

Garnish :

  • red leaf of rajasthan top up with fried salted kher sangri ( Ker, a shrub berry and Sangri, a bean of a flowering tree called Khejar
  • 50 ml J. W Gold
  • 1 tbsp Bajra salted ( grind in special ancient stone grinder )
  • 10 ml tamarind and jodhpuri chilli chutney
  • 10 ml churma(roasted dry fruits with rajasthani sweets) and honey puree
  • Top up with ginger beer.

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Cocktail Curated By: Uttam Singh