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published time By Liveinstyle published time 20 Jan, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

A majority of men love sports, be it soccer, cricket, tennis or even wrestling for that matter. And there’s nothing like getting together with the boys and catching your favorite game on TV. So, how do you plan a game night that’s not just about watching the game but also a fun boys’ night in? Here are a few things you could do. 



1.Pack a few punches with the right munches

Muches with Drinks

Get a couple of bites and nibbles, the classic bag of chips or nachos, or something that you could throw into the microwave or quickly fry during a commercial. Don’t get something that you have to spend time cooking or you might just miss an epic moment in sports history. 

2.Score points with some easy-breezy cocktails

Cocktails - World Class Cocktails 

Make sure your fridge is well stocked up for the big day. Do ensure you have the classics – beer, rum, vodka and whiskey. And let’s not forget the ice and mixers. You could go a step ahead and make some game night cocktails for your buddies. Could choose some simple, easy to make cocktails and leave it in the refrigerator. If you’re wondering what to make? Maybe this video will help.

3.Make comfy seating arrangements

Now when it comes to game night, the TV is the in the spotlight, so make sure you have a large couch in front of it. A couple of bean bags would definitely be a great and don’t forget that sturdy wooden center table for your buddies to put their legs on. Be a responsible host: Ensure your guests don’t drink and drive. That’s the perfect way to end a super cocktail night at home.

4.Plan some after game activities

Your buddies might not want to just leave after the game, so plan some big boy games such as poker, blackjack or rummy. You could also include a guy flick to watch after the game. 

5.Be a responsible host

Ensure your guests don’t drink and drive – that could include seeing them off in a taxi or giving them a place at home to crash for the night. That’s the perfect way to end a super cocktail night at home.

Read more about World Class Cocktails on our World Class page. encourages you to Party Responsibly!