Margarita Day Recipes - By Nicholas Ord

This Margarita Day there is a reason to enjoy even more. Nicholas OrdBrand Ambassador for Diageo Reserve Brands has created special Margarita recipes which you can easily prepare at home.

So here are three personal favourites of our Diageo Brand Ambassador.

White Chocolate & Almond Margarita



60ml Don Julio Blanco

15ml Light Crème de Caco

5ml Orgeat Syrup

20ml Fresh Lime Juice

Garnish Tips: Grated White-chocolate and salt mix / float thin lime wheel.


Mint Batangarita


60ml Don Julio Anejo

20ml Fresh Lime Juice

1 x handful of fresh mint

20ml cola- syrup (boil and reduce)

Garnish Tips: Garnish with a Morello cherry and black salt on the rim.




60ml Don Julio Blanco

30 ml fresh pomegranate juice

20ml fresh lime juice

20ml tajin syrup (50gms of tajin powder, 200gm of sugar, 200 ml of water, stir and simmer for 5 mins)

Garnish Tips: Garnish with 2 red chilli ‘horns’ and a tajin powder rim.

Make these cocktails and enjoy the National Margarita Day!

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