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By Benaifer J. Mirza

Romance is in the air! And, why not…the month of love is around the corner and every little thing can spark off that passion. So, whether or not you make an effort to cook a very special meal for your partner (or, just be a little lazy and order from outside), the highlight of the evening should be a very chic and romantic cocktail that goes with the occasion. Wondering what and how? We got Nicholas Ord, Brand Ambassador, Diageo Reserve Brands, India, to show us how one can turn an  ordinary evening (and not just Valentine’s Day) into the most perfect and memorable date night, with help of the right cocktails.  

Sparkling Serenade

Nicholas’ take:  “Begin your evening with a smile and a cheeky wink! What better beginning to a first-time kindling of love’s spark, than with effervescent champagne, spritzed over fresh green apple chunks and luscious red berries, swizzled with the crisp botanicals of Tanqueray No. Ten gin, with its fresh chamomile, pink grapefruit and lime citrus notes.”

45ml          Tanqueray No. Ten
½ scoop    Apple purée — blend 200gms fresh apple, 250ml water, and 250ml sugar syrup for one minute (30ml, if unfrozen)
5                  Diced apple chunks and raspberries
60ml          Champagne

To garnish: Apple and raspberry skewer

1. Shake all the ingredients.
2. Fine strain.
3. Build the cocktail.
4. Serve the extremely beautiful Sparkling Serenade in a delicate wine glass. An apple and raspberry skewer complete the look and love of this cocktail.

Sparkling Serenade


French Moonlight Magic

Nicholas’ take:  “The most romantic of countries’ signature French Martini, made with fine French Cîroc Grape Vodka, given a pinch of pepper to add some snap and crackle to any passionate encounter and then soothed with vanilla essence to infer a luxurious, creamy finish to this blackberry and citrus concoction.”

45ml          Cîroc Grape Vodka
15ml          Crème de Cassis
30ml          Fresh pineapple juice
½ scoop    Strawberry purée (30ml, if unfrozen)
15ml          Fresh lime juice
1 pinch      Black pepper
10ml           Vanilla syrup — blend 1 scored vanilla pod, 500ml water, and 250gms white sugar

To garnish: Pineapple flag

1. Shake all the ingredients.
2. Fine strain.
3. Up the romance quotient by serving French Moonlight Magic in a martini glass, embellished with a pretty pineapple flag.

French Moonlight Magic, Cocktails, Romantic Date Night


Gravity Attracts…

Nicholas’ take: “Here’s a neon-blue, late-night encounter, marrying curaçao orange to home-made rosemary tincture and frothed pineapple, with the softest kiss of luxurious Cîroc Vodka, shaken together and decanted into a chilled martini, as your evening of gentle romance gathers an electric pace.”

45ml             Cîroc Vodka
15ml             Blue Curaçao Liqueur
20ml             Rosemary syrup — blend 100gms fresh rosemary, 500ml water, and 250g white sugar
30ml             Fresh lime juice
20ml             Egg white
30ml             Pineapple juice

To garnish: Rosemary sprig; thin lime wheel

1. Dry shake the ingredients.
2. Hard shake it all.
3. Fine strain.
4. Serve the vibrant Gravity Attracts… in a martini glass, with a rosemary sprig sitting pretty. And, don’t forget to float a thin lime wheel on it.


Sunlight Sazerac

Nicholas’ take:  “Singleton of Glen Ord provides the perfect nightcap before you are whisked away to your late-night rendezvous, stirred over ice, with a splash of star anise and a lick of vanilla, finished with a playfully muddled slap of fresh ginger and lemongrass and given a subtle zest of orange oil perfume.”

60ml             Singleton of Glen Ord
1 dash          Angostura Bitters
10ml             Absinth / Pernod (rinse)
15ml             Vanilla syrup — blend 1 scored vanilla pod, 500ml water, and 250g white sugar
1                  Ginger root slice
1                  Diced lemongrass
1                  Orange zest

To garnish: Orange twist

1. Muddle the drink.
2. Stir it all.
3. Dilute it.
4. Fine strain.
5. An old-fashioned glass is the best way to serve your Sunlight Sazerac. Sizzle it up with an orange twist.



Cherry Rose Tomatini

Nicholas’ take: “A refreshing and zesty, salad-like combination of juicy cherry tomatoes and aromatic rosemary herb, shaken hard with cranberry and Ketel One Vodka to get the heart pounding and blood flowing as your romantic evening progresses to its climax…”

60ml           Ketel One
4                Cherry tomatoes
30ml           Cranberry juice
30ml           Rosemary syrup — blend 100gms fresh rosemary, 500ml water, and 250g white sugar
30ml            Fresh lime juice

To garnish:
Cherry tomato
Rosemary sprig
Rose petal

1. Muddle the drink.
2. Shake all the ingredients.
3. Fine strain.
4. A martini glass is the beauty in which you can serve your Cherry Rose Tomatini. Add some more red, the colour of love, by placing a cherry tomato with a rosemary sprig on the rim. Complete the cocktail by floating a rose petal.

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