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published time By Man's World Magazine published time 20 Jan, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

Big screen or projector: Check
Whistles, et al: Check
Yummy tidbits and snack: Check
Drinks: Still wondering…

Does the above sound and look a little familiar when you’re hosting a sports night at your home? Well, we have the answer. The Australian Open and the India-Australia ODI series have  signaled that the 2016 sports calendar  has started with a bang. The football leagues across Europe have been seeing some unexpected, but  nail-biting action as they move towards a thrilling climax; the F1 season will get underway in March, roughly around the time of the Twenty-20 Cricket World Cup in India; and of course there is the Rio Olympics in August. All these and many others that will follow prove that this year will be a big year for all sports enthusiasts. That is why we got Master Maker — Nicholas Ord, Brand Ambassador, Diageo Reserve Brands, India, to create cocktails that will match your mood and those of your friends for the numerous sports parties that you will hopefully be hosting at home. Whether you are into football, racing, tennis or even beach football, Nicholas has you covered.    

All you Messi lovers, serve up a Barça Blitz

This cocktail celebrates the best football team on the planet, “says Nicholas, “a Messi-melange of puree’d raspberries, with a splash of Blue Curaçao and a flash of aromatic mint, and the fresh and zesty finish of Ciroc Grape Vodka to rival anything from the Catalan playmakers and their graceful tiqui-taca-style.”

60ml           Ciroc Vodka
1 scoop      Raspberry puree (60ml, if unfrozen) 
30ml           Fresh lime juice
20ml           Blue Curaçao syrup   
1 handful   Fresh mint leaves

To garnish:
Mint sprig
Lime wings

1. Shake all the ingredients.
2. Fine strain.
3. Serve your Barça Blitz in a martini glass. Garnish the cocktail with a few redcurrants on the rim, and let some lime wings and a mint sprig sit pretty on the glass.


Cocktails, Barca Blitz, sportsnights

Here’s the ‘Real Deal’

This cocktail captures not just the Spain’s love for football but also its new love affair with gin. As Nicholas puts it, “The Spanish rivals in white and celebrated winners of La Decima are brought to life in this regal-white fusion of Tanqueray No. Ten, which cheers the country’s blossoming gin craze, with the exotic perfumed elegance of fresh lychees and Spanish Orange citrus, complemented by just a hint of cherry that sits as the heart of the team.”

45ml          Tanqueray No. Ten  
15ml         Cherry Liqueur
1 scoop     Lychee puree (60ml, if unfrozen)
6 pieces    Clementine orange chunks
30ml          Fresh lemon juice
20ml          Sugar syrup

To garnish:
Crushed ice
Clementine segment

1. Muddle the drink.
2. Shake all the ingredients.
3. Fine strain.
4. An old-fashioned glass suits the mood perfectly. Top up Real Deal with crushed ice, and garnish it with lychee, cherry, and a Clementine segment.

Real Deal, Cocktails, Sports Screening

Speed-up some Enzo Martini

This cocktail takes us to the historic home of motor sports, with a hat tip to Ferrari and its legendary founder Enzo Ferrari. As the Master Maker says, “The Grandfather of decadent luxury, who gave the world its favorite Italian super-car, is brought to life in this fiery blend of ginger and spice, hot-rod red and luscious, with a bright flash of yellow. What better spirit than Don Julio Tequila, the word originally hailing from the Nahuatl, who grew the agave on the slopes of the volcano…The prancing horse has never run more true.”

60ml         Don Julio Blanco        
1 scoop     Strawberry puree (60ml, if unfrozen)
30ml         Fresh lemon juice      
20 ml        Ginger syrup Paprika

To garnish:
Black Pepper
Ginger Salt Rim
Root Ginger
Bright yellow- coloured feather

1. Shake all the ingredients
2. Fine strain.
3. Pour the cocktail in a martini glass. Add a dash of black pepper, and garnish your Enzo Martini with a Ginger Salt Rim, a thin slice of root ginger, and half a strawberry. Finally, pop in a bright feather!


Time to ‘serve’ some Scotch Courage
Scotland and its most famous sportsman of recent times is the inspiration behind  this cocktail. “Find your Scottish cheer and give a loud `halloo’ to Andy Murray, the first British Wimbledon Champion in 77 years, and the light Gold Label blend from the world’s most famous Scot, Mr. Johnnie Walker,” Nicholas says. Both are celebrated in this sweet and creamy concoction of strawberries and peach, with fresh cream and apricot. An exquisite drink, served short and delicate, for lordly ladies and genteel men.

45ml            Johnnie Walker Gold
15ml            Apricot Liqueur
1 handful      Fresh strawberries
30ml            Fresh Cream
1 scoop       White peach puree (60ml, if unfrozen)
20ml            Fresh lime juice
20ml            Sugar Syrup

To garnish:

1. Muddle the drink.
2. Shake all the ingredients.
3. Fine strain.
4. Keep things simple and classy. Pour the cocktail in a chic bamboo cocktail glass, and garnish it half a strawberry.

Samba Smash

And finally a cocktail that can be enjoyed both at home as well as at a sports party of your own at the beach. As Nicholas puts it, “For the ultimate summertime sporting refresher, from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Beasal Beach Soccer and the home of carnival spirit, comes this extravagant tropical temptation. Fresh watermelon and pineapple are swizzled together with passion fruit and a pep of pink peppercorn spice, shaken salsa-style, with the delectable and rich Ron Zacapa Guatemalan rum for a brief splash in the spirit of the Caribbean.”

60ml              Ron Zacapa
30ml              Fresh pineapple juice
30ml              Fresh watermelon
1/2 scoop       Passion fruit puree (or 30ml, if unfrozen)
1 handful        Pink peppercorns
20ml              Fresh lime juice
20ml              Sugar syrup

To garnish:
Lime wings
Watermelon slice
Cracked pink peppercorns

1. Muddle the drink.
2. Shake all the ingredients.
3. Fine strain.
4. Samba Smash looks pretty when served in a bamboo cocktail glass. Simply garnish it with lime wings, a slice of watermelon, and cracked pink peppercorns to complete the mood.


Compiled by: Benaifer J. Mirza

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