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published time By Man's World Magazine published time 03 Feb, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

India’s decisive win over the Aussies in the recently concluded KFC T20 INTL Series kicks off what promises to be a thrilling new T20 season over the next few months. The three week long ICC World Twenty20 starts on March 1 in Nagpur, with the finals on the April 3, followed by the IPL a week later, which will last until the end of May. With so much of cricket on offer, it is time to plan for your cricket watching house parties with your buddies, where you can show off your best bartending skills with some new and exotic cocktails.  

To help with this grand plan we have called upon the expertise of two consummate mixologists, who are among the best in the business, Nicholas Ord and Karl Fernandes, Brand Ambassadors for Diageo Reserve Brands, India. We can guarantee that the cocktails they have created are nothing like what you have made or tasted before. They have been specially conceived to enhance the pleasure of watching T20 games, which is the reason why all of them have cricketing names, with some of them even bearing the names of the superstars themselves.

Whatever your friends’ favorite tipple - whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, or even wine or Champagne… there is a cocktail for all in this collection.  With a few weeks left for the games to begin, it is time to start practicing. Practice leads to perfection, both on the pitch and behind the bar…

Ciroc T20’s

Ciroc T20

This cocktail will provide you a refreshing start to a day at the crease, with a perfectly served beverage for the Indian connoisseur. Fresh grapes are muddled together with black salt and local nimbu fruit, a healthy splash of Ciroc Grape vodka and a charge of fiery ginger beer. Fast and easy to make, it comes with an amazingly lively taste designed for an Indian palate. 


60ml                                           Ciroc Vodka  

2 x dash                                     Grape Bitters

5 Nos                                         Fresh Grapes

1 x Pinch                                    Black Salt

4 Wedges                                   Nimbu

To top                                        Ginger Beer

To Garnish:

Grapes tossed in black salt and served on a pick.


1. Muddle
2. Build
3. Serve in an old fashioned tumbler


Super Sixers

Smash these shots out of the park with your cricket-loving friends, made using the incomparable  Ron Zacapa Rum, taken with a home-made spiced salt of Chat and Garam Masala, chili powder, cinnamon and pepper. Howzat!  To be enjoyed at every big hit.

Super Sixer- World Class Cocktails


100ml                                Ron Zacapa Rum                                                                            

15gms                                Salt

3gms                                  Chili Powder

12gms                                Cinnamon

12gms                                Cloves  

10gms                                Pepper

20gms                                Garam Masala or Chat Masala                                      

To Garnish:

Orange Wedges


1. Roast the spices with Garam Masala
2. Add the remaining ingredients
3. Toss and sieve
4. Serve in a shot glass


A Big Sour Hit

For the big hits and the biggest wickets, shake up the stands with this blend of Johnnie Walker Black Label, cinnamon syrup and star anise with cloves, given a fresh foam finish.


60ml                                  J.W. Black Label                                      

20ml                                  Cinnamon Syrup

2 pcs                                  Star anise & Cloves

20ml                                  Lime Juice

15ml                                  Egg White  


1. Dry Shake
2. Hard Shake
3. Fine Strain
4. Serve in an old fashioned glass


Maiden Bellini’s

For lawn-loving ladies of esteem and regard, this gem of a drink spritzes melon liqueur and Ketel One Vodka with fresh citrus and a wash of chilled Champagne celebrates the maiden overs. A refreshing drink to start with during the sun-downer games.


20ml                                   Ketel One                                      

5ml                                     Lime Juice

8ml                                     Melon Liqueur

1 handful                            White Grapes

70ml70ml                           Sparkling Brut Wine  

To Garnish:

Grape on a pick


1. Shake
2. Top with sparkling
3. Serve in a flute



This was originally conceived with the Chennai Superkings in mind, but with them out of the IPL this season you can still enjoy this elegant Martini, even if you are not supporting Indian captain M S Dhoni’s new team, Rising Pune Supergiants. Stirred Tanqueray No 10’s fresh chamomile and grapefruit botanicals are released by a hit of sweet Italian vermouth and aromatic elderflower.


60ml                                    Tanqueray No. 10                                     

5ml                                      Elderflower liqueur

10ml                                    Rosso Italian Vermouth

5ml Spray                            Vanilla Tincture

To Garnish:



1. Stir
2. Serve in a Martini glass


Kohli’s  Iced Tea

This shaken concoction of Tanqueray, Don Julio, Ciroc, and Grand Marnier French orange liqueur, with a citrus-muddled handful of pureed pineapple and orange to bring the tropical sunshine to the pitch, courtesy of the Royal Challenger’s favourite son, Virat Kohli.


15ml                                   Captain Morgan Rum                                      

15ml                                   Tanqueray Gin

15ml                                   Don Jolio Tequila

15ml                                   Ciroc Vodka

15ml                                   Grand Marnier

1 handful                            Fresh Diced Pineapple Chunks

10ml                                   Lime Juice

10ml                                   Egg White

1 handful                            Fresh Diced Oranges

To Garnish:

Pineapple Slice


1. Shake
2. Strain
3. Serve in a tall glasss


Gayle’s Sangria

From the  master of  sixes  Jamaican  comes this big hitting punch of spiced rum and Grand Marnier with Cabernet Sauvignon, fresh orange and lime citrus, stirred in a pitcher… or even a bowl.


120ml                    Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine                                     

10ml                      Grand Marnier

30ml                      Fresh Orange Juice

7ml                        Fresh Lime Juice

10ml                      Sugar Syrup

30ml                      Ginger Ale

20ml                      Captain Morgan Rum

To Garnish:

Apple Slice, Orange Slice, Seasonal berries


1. Stir
2. Serve in a wine glass

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