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published time By Liveinstyle published time 11 Jan, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

Whether you want to notch up the romance on Valentine’s day, cool off on a hot summer’s day, surprise dad on Father’s Day or amp-up the festivities on a wedding day – here’s a few options that are just right for the day.

1. Valentine’s Day

If a Valentine’s evening is all about roses and wine, why not put them into a cocktail. Lauren Mote, Canadian bartender of the year 2015, brings us a heart-warming Valentine’s Day special called Sour Roses. This perfect cocktail is a lovely duet of aromatised French wine and coconut vodka with flirty hints of rose petal preserve, and a zing of lemon and bitters. Do try it!

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2. Father’s Day

Created by Marian Krauze, German bartender of the year 2015, The Coachman Cocktail is just what a celebratory Father’s day tipple ought to be.  Starting off with a classic base of bourbon with a festive hint of sherry and mescal, it rounds it off with a dash of Pimento dram. It’s a heady mix of old-fashioned classics that never go out of style – just like your father.

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3. A hot summer’s day

500 Days Tanquerays of Summer is all about an uplifting zing of lemon, shaken together with loads of gin, a dash of Vermouth and a hint of beer. Guaranteed to tame a gruelling summer day, it’s absolutely perfect to share with friends at a Summer BBQ as well. Watch Ali Reynolds, UK bartender of the year 2015 shake up the perfect summer storm.

4. A wedding day

A wedding is the culmination of someone finding the ‘perfect one’ and so is this cocktail. The One created by Antonio Lai, Hong Kong bartender of the year 2015, is the perfect marriage of sweet and sour, of heady vodka and a solid base flavours - of sweet romantic notes from the elderflower, topped with the vivaciousness and effervescence of champagne. It’s the perfect cocktail to celebrate a perfect union.

5. A lazy Sunday 

Created by Jeff Bell, USA's bartender of the year 2013, The Bloody Beet was made for a lazy weekend day or the Sunday brunch club. And well, with ginger, pear juice, lemon juice, beetroot juice and egg whites (and a generous helping of vodka of course), it’s practically a brunch – all by itself. Do try it!