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published time By Liveinstyle published time 17 Dec, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

So, here are 10 reasons why Bartending is one of the best and most successful professions these days.

1. You’re always in best of spirits!
Well duh! If that isn’t reason to sign up for a bartending course – what else is!

2. You’re easily the most wanted man at the bar
Think about this scenario – it’s a Saturday night and everybody is fighting to get your attention – Not your usual scene at the bar isn’t it! Well yea, bartending does wield a lot of power. 

3. Bartenders hear a lot of interesting talk that can serve as fodder for entertaining your friends.
Serving a bunch of broken hearts wanting to drown their misery or a bunch of inebriated people letting their guard down, means that you’ll have loads of hilarious anecdotes to share with your friends. 

4. Bartenders bring the vibe and groove to any club or restaurant!
Look at any happening club or place – the bar is usually where everyone is congregated because a bartender is working to create a vibe.

5. You get to work out of a cool office
Bartending surely beats working out of a dreary cubicle. It’s always thumping with life and usually comes with interesting décor. And as Lam Chi Mun of the Diageo Bar Academy says “Bartending is a guest-facing job.” It puts you in contact with the party set – certainly not a regular boring office setting.

6. It’s not just a part-time job - you can actually make a career out of it
“Bartending was seen as a blue collar job” as Mr. Mun says and the growth was linear from commis to a bartender to a captain to a manager. But today, you can become a consultant or a brand ambassador or even an entrepreneur – the possibilities are exciting.

7. You could create brand new cocktails and even name them
Bartenders are now actually called mixologists because their jobs don’t just involve pouring drinks but creating them from scratch! Bartenders have to follow global trends as customers are evolving and becoming choosier. They need to research and reinvent classic drinks, use trendy spices or flavours. They should be able to concoct a drink with just your suggestion of the base alcohol – and do it well enough to make it your signature drink!

8. You easily become the favourite at your friends’ parties
The perks of being a professional bartender, means that of course, everyone will want to have you mixing drinks at their house parties. And if it means getting invited out more often, why not!

9. You get to compete in global contests
There are global mixology competitions like the Iron Mixologist or the World Class Cocktail competition that are as fiercely competed and respected as any contest of chefs and the winners are globally feted professionals with illustrious careers!

10. Mixology is actually a profession on the rise and the bartender is the new liquid chef!
Like any serious profession, mixology also needs training. Thankfully global brands like Diageo are setting up the Diageo Bar Academy in India, and it will improve bartending skills, and styles with an Essentials, Foundation and Advanced course. Subjects will include spirits categories, bar skills, service skills, how to create fantastic entertaining experiences and delivering great service. The Diageo Bar Academy is here in India to transform the industry so watch out for the future liquid chefs and mixologists. Or sign-up to be one yourself!

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