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published time By Liveinstyle published time 08 Jan, 2016 Share image 8 Shares

Are you looking for a cool new job that could improve your life? Are you a sociable person who doesn’t like to spend time on your own? Then training to become a bartender could be the perfect move this year. We’re going to highlight some of the benefits of choosing that job on this page. With a bit of luck, it will set the record straight and help you to understand the realities of the role. Bartending is not as simple as it sounds, and so you need to find the right levels of motivation to succeed. Pouring pints is easy, but bartenders also have to make many complicated cocktails from around the world.

Do you think a career in bartending would suit you? Leave your comment when you get to the bottom of this post.


Reason 1: Bartenders can earn good money

There is no getting away from the fact that bartenders can earn an excellent wage. That is because their earnings are often topped up by tips from punters. Of course, that means you need to become an expert in the trade. Also, you need to find work in one of the most upmarket bars or clubs in your local area. Drinking establishments in large cities are also a good choice.

Reason 2:Bartenders don’t have to wake up early

Most good bartenders don’t get out of bed until the early afternoon. That is because they spend their evenings making cocktails until the early hours. There is something quite liberating about throwing your alarm clock away and rising when you feel ready. Just don’t forget that you probably won’t make it back home until around 6 am if you work at a modern lounge.

Reason 3: Bartenders get to meet lots of people

Bartending is the perfect job for people who like to socialise and make new friends. Depending on where you work, you might deal with tourists most of the time. That would mean you get to learn about different cultures and make lots of connections. Have you ever wanted to move abroad and gain new experiences? Well, bar work could mean you have a much better chance of success.

Reason 4: Bartenders usually have more flexibility

While you will have to work for a certain number of hours each week, bartenders often have more flexibility than other workers. You can always swap your shift with another member of staff if you need a night away from the club. Maybe you have an important family occasion to attend? That shouldn’t cause problems so long as you can get someone else to work the shift.

Reason 5: Bartenders get free gifts from promoters

Most people spend a lot of money purchasing t-shirts and other clothing items. Bartenders don’t have to spend quite as much because they get a lot for free. Drinks promoters will come to your place of work with t-shirts and other items that contain their logos. So long as the manager says it’s okay, you can usually wear them behind the bar. Even if they don’t allow you to do that, you can still use them at home.

Reason 6: Bartenders are at the centre of the party

People who love loud music and party atmospheres can’t go wrong with a bartending job. When the club is full of punters, you become the centre of their attention. So long as you can serve drinks quickly and correctly, you’ll be very popular with the patrons. Contrary to popular belief, most managers are more than happy for you to dance while you work. So, fill your boots!

Reason 7: Bartenders stay active most of the time

Anyone who works in an office will know that sitting down all day long can damage their health. People who work in bars are always on their feet, and so they get lots of exercises. Just think of how much fitness freaks spend on gym memberships each year. You can reach the same level of fitness while getting paid to socialise and mix drinks. Can you think of a better job? We can’t.

Reason 8: Bartenders can get creative

There is nothing worse than working in a job that is monotonous and tedious. Indeed, most people need an outlet for their creativity, and bar work could be perfect. Bar owners are always on the lookout for new cocktail recipes and such. So, you could design drinks that might become the next big thing. Serve them to your customers and see how they react.

Reason 9: Bartenders have many employment options

Once you learn how to create all those amazing drinks, you will become very employable. There are bars and clubs all over the world that are always looking for new staff members. Whenever you get bored of staying in the same place, you are free to move and work somewhere new. Many people manage to travel the world following that strategy. You could too.

Reason 10: Bartenders don’t need qualifications

Some colleges teach advanced cocktail-making and bar-tending. However, you don’t need qualifications to get started. Ideally, you just need to find a bar owner who is willing to take a risk. You can come to work during the daytime to learn about the different drinks and improve your skills. Then, test out your new knowledge on punters during the busy periods.


As you can see from that information, bartending is one of the best jobs in the world. You can get started straight away, and it’s possible to earn a lot of money. It allows you to travel and meet new people who could enrich your life experience. The next time you go out to a top bar, ensure you take the time to speak with staff members. It should be easy to see if they enjoy their jobs. You could also ask them if there are any vacancies at the moment. 2016 has only just begun, but it’s wise to get stuck in the new year straight away. Who knows, you might have a new career by December.

Going back to the question we asked at the start of this article - do you think bartending would suit you?