World Class 2014: Laércio de Souza Silva a.k.a Zulu (Brasil), 'The Piladinho'

You couldn’t get more Brazilian than the Piladinho if you tried – and without the faintest whiff of cachaça. It’s inspired by the texture and aromas of batidas, the style of muddled cocktail consumed during the carnivals of Bahia. The recipe requires coffee, cacao, and the fruit of another rainforest tree, the cupuaçu (the flesh of which is described as a cross between chocolate and pineapple). Zulú sources sugarcane honey from indigenous communities around the northern city of Abaetetuba and adds his own ‘Zulú’ branded bitters. He even uses the cupauça shells as the shaker. The result has citrus and botanical aromas from the Tanqueray No. Ten that set the tone, light hints of coffee, spice from the bitters, as well as a tropical tang and smoothness from the cupuaçu and cacao.