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Johnnie Walker Golden Sour

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A rich and aromatic twist on a classic concoction. We use Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve and our homemade citrus and spice syrup. Double shaken with fresh lemon juice and a touch of egg white.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label – 60ml
Citrus and spice syrup – 25ml (500ml water, 400gr white sugar, skin of one orange, skin of one lemon, cinnamon sticks, one grated nutmeg, mix all and simmer for 10 minutes, fine strain)
Lemon juice – 30ml
White of one egg

The Technique

Dry shake and then shake all ingredients. Burn cinnamon stick and smoke the glass with it (keep flaming stick under the up-side-down glass). Fine strain into chilled and smoked coupe glass. Garnish with orange twist and small cinnamon stick.