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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 28 Aug, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

The hippest destination on everyone’s travel itinerary this season is Prague, Czech Republic. Only have to spend a few moments in Prague to know that there’s something very special about the city. There is a rather interesting old world aura that hangs thick in the air—beautiful cobbled streets, ancient cathedrals and church spires rising into the skies. Add to that the feel of a modern city and Prague starts to come alive. Stop a moment look around—you are sure to agree that there is magic in the air.


About Prague: The city of Prague served as the capital of the historic region of Bohemia for several centuries. Even today, Prague lives on as the modern-day Bohemia. The city is unlike any other European city you may have been in, with a seemingly alternative atmosphere and vibe. This is known as the City of a Thousand Spires—and yet, is one of the hippest travel destinations in the world. You have the opportunity to bungee jump off a bridge, play roulette Czech style or dance the night away in a one-time nuclear bunker. This is Prague, and anything is possible.

Check-in at Prague’s landmarks: The iconic Charles Bridge is a rite of passage for those travelling to Prague. Built in the 14th century by King Charles I, the bridge paints a beautiful portrait of life in Prague. The bridge is at its stunning best at sunrise, when the bridge is pristine and just perfect! The beautiful thousand year old Prague Castle, an imposing figure on the city’s skyline, is a definite must-visit for visitors to the city. The fantastic Gothic spires of the St Vitus’s Cathedral (housed at the centre of the palace) rise high into the sky—a memory of the city’s rich heritage and history. Do drop by the Old Royal Palace, which gives an interesting sight into the city’s glorious past.

Visit the Museum of Communism: A fascinating tribute to an interesting chapter in the city’s past, the Museum of Communism brings alive the era of the Communist rule in the Czech Republic. Spend time to walk through the photos, videos and vivid accounts of the time—you will understand the city and its people like never before.

Explore a replica of the Eiffel Tower: Ride the funicular railway to the enchanting Petrin Hill. Revel in the very unusual atmosphere as you explore the sights which include a miniature Eiffel Tower, a maze of mirrors and the Church of St Michel (relocated to Prague from Ukraine in the 17th century).

Visit the Lennon Wall: Pay your respects, write a message or two, pose for a picture. Located at Mala Strana, this is a rite of passage for all visitors to Prague.



Prague on a platter: Head to the ultra-hip La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise for a taste of Czech cuisine at its best. The recipes are based on authentic recipes from a cookbook dating back to the 1880s—does it get any more original? Tuck into a hearty seven courses for a leisurely three hour meal that you will remember for a lifetime! A special mention for a signature dish, the gelatinous tomato meringue. If you enjoy fine dining, head to the fabulous Allegro, the first restaurant in the city to be awarded with the prestigious Michelin star. Don’t miss the delicious menu which features dishes made in a style that brings together authentic Tuscan and Czech-style cooking. While wandering about the streets of Prague, treat yourself to a Trdelník, a traditional Sloval rolled pastry – a delicious treat!

Party hard: Zizkov, a former industrial suburb of Prague, is home to some of the hippest destinations in the city—with several hundred spots crowding its streets—prepare to be spoilt for choice like never before! Whether you are looking at cellar-style dive bars with throwaway prices (and rad music), expansive beer gardens or clubs that party till 6am, Prague offers everything. Karlovy Lázně is the most famous club in the city – it is the biggest music club in Central Europe offering five entire floors of music, dancing and fun. Every floor has its own unique style, including a hip-hop floor, an 80s dance floor, a hard-core trance floor and more.

Living up to its alternate reputation, Prague gives you the opportunity to party in a one-time nuclear bunker. Yes, seriously! The Bunkr Parukarka, a nuclear bunker built during the Cold War, is now an offbeat nightclub where you can dance the night away! Look out for the graffiti-covered exterior and the heady mix of industrial-inspired décor and top DJs belting out the latest heads. Another interesting option is the Savarin Casino, where Las Vegas meets Prague in perhaps the most interesting mixture of them all! The Casino brings alive gambling like never before—American-style poker meets Baroque frescoes! 

Adventure: If you are an adventurous type, head to Prague’s Zvikovskee Podhradi, a beautiful bridge that spans the stunning Vlatava Valley. Bungee jump off the bridge for a truly spectacular, one time experience! Encourages You To Enjoy Responsibly!