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Ladies, an amazing way to kickstart this New Year Party is to include a travel plan in your itinerary. 

Get set to ring in the New Year with some fun meet and greets, enthralling events and of course some wanderlust. And while travelling can be a daunting prospect for most women across the globe (especially if you intend to travel solo) due to safety concerns, there are a lot of ways you can overcome those and have the time of your lives.

There’s great beauty in solo travelling that you won’t really experience when with a companion. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself into a community very, very different from yours (or what you’re accustomed to), experience some unique and different cultures, cuisines and languages that you were previously unaware of, and even learn a thing or two about life and living.

And with these women-only travel clubs, there’s ample opportunity for you to place your desires above your fears and take off on a journey to an unknown land (as a New Year resolution) to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of it. Take a look.

Wonderful World

New Year Travel Resolution For The Ladies: These Women-Only Travel Companies Will Satiate Your Wanderlust

The brainchild behind this concept is Shibani who “has been on the move since the time she can remember” due to her army roots. Wonderful World gives you more than just a guided tour where you can undertake a journey with an intimate gathering of about 12-14 women.

New Year Travel Resolution For The Ladies: These Women-Only Travel Companies Will Satiate Your Wanderlust

One of their concepts known as Wonderful Wallet is where they credit you a certain amount or percentage of the total trip. And that can be redeemed in your next trip with them. 

Check out their website:

F5 Escapes

Founded by Malini Gowrishankar, this 4 (plus) year old company’s website states how F5Escapes is “an experiential travel company focused on redefining the way women travel in India”. Malini Gowrishankar, as per the website is “Passionate about women empowerment, entrepreneurship and sustainable travel,” and no wonder her group organizes and curates all women trips to Kashmir, Ladakh and other places.

So if you’re looking for customized trips, then this Bangalore-based company will take care of all your needs.

Here’s their website for more details:

We Travel Solo

As the name suggests, this company is all about travelling solo and what better way to do it other than downloading their app that will help you choose from one of their curated trips. This app is also ideal for all those who’re looking to meet fellow solo travellers. Their professional trip crafters, as they call themselves, always make sure that for your weekend getaway or backpacking plans, safety is top priority.

For more information, here’s the link to their website:

Soul Purpose

They say that “the idea behind each Soul Purpose trip is to explore lesser-known places, add extra dimensions to holidaying by understanding and bonding closely with local cultures”. And their trips comprise a wide range of activities including bird-watching, trekking, diving, rafting, wildlife safaris, gourmet experiences, photography, history and culture trails, turning it into one of the most interesting prospects for women seeking to experience and learn new activities as a part of their New Year’s to-do bucket list. Started by Vidya Deshpande, this platform also organizes volunteer trips for community building and development.

They also have a special Digital Detox trip that takes place in Rishikesh where you can’t carry your mobile phones and TVs for at least two nights.

Take a look at their website:

The WOW Club: Women on Wanderlust

This Bangalore-based travel club (run by women, for women) which started in the year 2005 is proficient at planning your trip, making your travel arrangements, and even helping you find rooms with fellow women travellers if you’re looking to embark on a soul searching trip (including international trips).

Founder Sumitra Senapaty on the website has stated how on travelling like a nomad through the years she, “decided to put my energy and my passion together and start a club that would allow other women to experience the sheer thrill and magic of travel. Travel is actually magical; it's all about friendship and souls connecting. It's not a race to see or do more. It's about learning to live life, understand humanity and having a rocking time while doing it".  

Last year, they kickstarted their New Year celebrations in Bali while this year, the group is taking their guests to Meena Bagh, Shimla.

To know more, check out their website:

Women on Clouds Club

This is a Delhi-based travel company which started in 2007, providing some interesting opportunities to women who wish to travel and network. You can choose from their weekend, leisure, adventure, and Yoga getaways to both domestic as well as international destinations. They also have a unique camp for mothers and children, carefully curated, for some quality time together.

Here’s a link to their Facebook page:

Look out for special New Year packages by some of these companies that are bound to make your trip more exciting and satisfactory.  

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Image credits: Wonderful World & The WOW Club

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