International Holiday Hotspots You Should Visit In 2017

If 2016 let you down in terms of traveling, don’t worry we’ve got you covered for 2017. Here’s everything that you can do this year across the globe.


Watching the Northern Lights is a dream for every traveler and 2017 is your best chance at making it come true because researchers are claiming that they will appear less frequently over the next decade. And the Icelandic lights are the best that you can get in Europe. Even if you don’t find them during your visit, chances are that you will end up falling in love with the rest of its beauty, from the volcanoes to the warm Gulf Stream waters.

International  Holiday Hotspots 2017



Plenty has been spoken about the west’s obsession with the Far East, yet Laos remains one of the underexplored countries of the region. The Sayaboury Province of the Buddhist country will host the Laos Elephant Festival in February. The event features about three dozen adorned pachyderms competing for ‘Elephant of the Year’, along with elephant processions and bathing, traditional Buddhist blessings, stalls and live performances. Sounds fascinating right?


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The South American country has been the Mecca of backpackers recently. But a luxurious surprise awaits you this time. From May, the Cuzco city will be the starting point for journeys on South America’s ‘first luxury sleeper train’, the 68-passenger Andean Explorer. The new train will take you to La Raya and Lake Titicaca via the 14,150 ft summit and on to the Unesco World Heritage city of Arequipa with condors flying under your feet!


Hossa National Park, Finland

The north European country of wilderness will celebrate the centenary of its independence by inaugurating the Hossa National Park this year. It will be the haven for adventure-seekers offering activities like hiking, kayaking and fungi foraging. Apart from the wilds, Finland also offers the city delights of Helsinki, the ice sports in Lapland and a combination of twin Scandinavian and Russian culture all along its borders.



Talking of centenaries, the largest country of the world is celebrating its own for the great revolutions of 1917. So if you are a sucker for history, the Romanov palaces in St Petersburg, Lenin’s mausoleum and the forbidding walls of the Kremlin along Red Square in Moscow and winter palaces of the Bolsheviks should do it for you.

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Hadrian’s Wall, England

There hasn’t been as much activity on this part of The Queen’s Land since the Roman troops landed here back in the day. Today, the town draws hoards of cyclists and walkers that follow the walls of the forts and swoopy grasslands in search of some magnificent landscapes. This year being its 30th anniversary as a UNESCO World Heritage Sight, the Wall is also hosting a six-month exhibition from April along its length.

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San Francisco, United States

It’s been 50 years of counterculture as half a century has passed since the hippie movement kick started in this part of the world. Called the Summer of Love back then, the ‘revolution of human consciousness’ will be celebrated yet again in San Fran this summer with major exhibitions on the art of the period, concerts and street theatre. So Woodstock fans, you now know where you need to soak in the sun this year.



Mpumalanga, South Africa

Break free from the clichéd safari rides in the South African jungles and head to Mpumalanga for the unique Mieliepop cultural festival. About boutique camping, the carnival brings over fifty live rock, reggae and blues acts to a gorgeous lake-studded venue. Outdoor activities, including yoga, will strengthen the surreal feel to the event.


Split, Croatia

You might have seen Shah Rukh Khan chasing himself up and down the roofs of Croatia’s serene Dubrovnik in his movie Fan. But there’s more to the European country’s coast if you head north to Split in July. The famous Ultra festival from America has shifted base to the Adriatic coast and will make you put your dancing shoes on with a lineup of the most famous DJs of the world.



Talking of parties, we simply can’t get enough of Ibiza. Beginning from May, the island will host its famous opening parties organized by the likes of  Zoo Project Evolution, Amnesia Opening, Cocoon and the Elrow. So if party’s on your mind, Ibiza should definitely be your go-to place this year!

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