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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 21 Nov, 2017 Share image 5 Shares

Las Vegas is the stuff of legends – offering visitors unimaginable levels of luxury and indulgence. An outlandish Disneyland for adults, as they say! The city comes alive in the night, seducing you with its neon lights, legendary parties, over the top shows and irresistible charm. Everything is bigger, brighter and louder. And the hotels, let’s not forget the hotels. The hotels in Vegas are tourist attractions in their own right and all of the nightlife is built around them. From an Egyptian pyramid to a look-alike Venice (complete with canals), join us as we check into the most exciting hotels in Las Vegas.

1. Circus Circus: If you loved the circus as a child, this is your adult dream come true! This extravagant hotel is home to the world’s largest permanent circus (wow) and some of the world’s best shows. It's the perfect choice for those on travel with family. They also offer some fun carnival-style games for visitors!

2. New York New York: Get a slice of the Big Apple (a more heady, over-the-top slice of course) at New York New York. Its architecture is meant to evoke the New York City skyline of the 1940s era including the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. The biggest attraction is the Statue of Liberty replica, which amazingly, stands twice as high as the original. Thrill-seekers can circle the entire area in the tiny yellow cabs of the Big Apple Coaster.

3. Planet Hollywood: A go-to place for cinema buffs, Planet Hollywood packs in a very modern, Hollywood hip theme. And truly, the hotel looks like it’s right out of movie (I kid you not, because many movies have been shot at the hotel’s various iconic spots).

4. Luxor: I remember spotting Luxor from the airplane while landing into Vegas – it is impossible to miss this imposing, pyramid shaped hotel which pays homage to ancient Egypt. Visitors are greeted by a giant Sphinx outside the hotel. Of course, Luxor’s pyramid is a far more modern version than the original, being made of glass and concrete rather than stone. This is definitely one of the most iconic hotels on the Vegas Strip.

5. Excalibur: If you notice a fairy tale inspired smattering of towers and spires rising above on the Las Vegas Strip, know you’ve reached Excalibur, the hotel themed after Medieval Ages. In fact, the hotel is named after the mythical sword of King Arthur. The hotel packs in a fun theme park and some interesting medieval games too.

6. Paris Las Vegas: Extensively modeled on Paris (including reproductions of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe) this hotel packs in the city’s character beautifully. Casual visitors can buy fresh baguettes from a street vendor while listening to lilting French music. Think of the romance and beauty of Paris mixed with the larger than life aura and boundless luxury of Las Vegas. We love Paris, and we love Paris Las Vegas!

7. The Venetian: Venice meets ultra-luxury at this lovely hotel – and makes for quite the spectacle. Don’t miss exploring the Grand Canal Shoppes (a mall with a canal and gondolas, fancy that!). If your gondolier likes you, he may even break into a song! This is one of the newer hotels on the Strip and that reflects in its ultra modern design and matter of fact luxury.

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