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published time By Olivia published time 31 Aug, 2018 Share image 0 Shares
Relationships, jobs and salaries will come and go but our best friends are here to stay. We can always rely on them no mater what. They’re always down to try out the new sushi place, a much-needed vent or even when they are planning the next silly adventure. Here’s a guide to the ultimate best friend bucket list so that, when you grow old together, you can remember the good old days with your friends while you sip on some cold beers.
1. Go sunset sailing
Spend a day together with your besties while you watch the sun set on the horizon. Cool selfies and a good time with friends, need we say more? 
Where: Jack & Hill Adventures in Mumbai, India
Here’s A Guide To The Ultimate Best Friend Bucket List
2. Go Bungee Jumping 
The adrenaline rush that comes along with the thrill of jumping out is overwhelming. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those who think they can’t do it, but trust us, once you do, it will be every-bit exhilarating. 
Where: Jumping Heights in Rishikesh, India
Here’s A Guide To The Ultimate Best Friend Bucket List
3. Go on a cycle ride
Experience the joy of going on a cycle across the city with your best friend like never before. Early morning cycle rides just became way more fun! 
Where: Rent a Cycle from Happy Cycle Co. or other cycle renters in Mumbai, India
4. Go on a backpacking adventure
For budget-friendly backpacking trips that will make memories last a lifetime, some great options would be Manali, Leh Ladakh and Spiti. If you prefer to tag along with a group, then check out Mumbai travellers that organises some very cool trips. If you plan to explore on your own visit Youth Hostel Association of India for trip recommendations and budget-friendly stay options. 
Where: Backpacking India organises trips from various cities in India.
5. Take surfing lessons
Explore the waves and have some fun and frolic in the sun. You can take surfing lessons and ride on the waves like a pro in no time. 
Where: Kallialay Surf School in Pondicherry, India 
6. Volunteer together
There’s nothing like giving back to society! Join an organisation and volunteer for a good cause.  
Where: Volunteering With India will connect you to various NGOs in different cities for an enriching experience. 
7. Run a marathon together
Yes, we can already imagine the excuses you’re coming up with, but you should try running a marathon. Practice and train for it before enrolling for one. What better thing than to run for a cause along with your best friend? 
Where: Mirchi Holi Run or the Standard Chartered Marathon organised in Multiple cities would be a great option to begin with.  
8. Go on a double date
Dates can be great bonding moments, but double dates can be super fun because as they say, the more the merrier! So, grab your bestie and her date and indulge in some fun activity like bowling. Maybe a girls vs boys game to break the ice? You'll learn a lot about your own partner and enjoy the interaction too. Check out Smaaash outlets across India for some great deals. 
Where: Smaaash India 
9. Go scuba diving and click under water pictures together
Taking endless selfies in washrooms is too mainstream! Go on an underwater adventure with your bestie and click loads of pictures that’ll make amazing memories for years to come.   
Where: Scuba Diving And Parasailing 
10. Learn a new language
Je m'appelle Vanessa. Well, that’s the little French I know, but learning a new language really helps. Imagine visiting a new place and not knowing the language for basic communication. You can master a new tongue and speak to the locals and find your way around, if you tick this off your list.
Where: Alliance Francaise Bombay