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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 28 Aug, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

Everyone loves the beach, right? A whole lot of sunshine, lounging by the waves with a fancy cocktail, plenty of love and laughter – life is perfect when you’re at the beach! If there’s one country in the world that has been blessed with the world’s best beaches, it is Brazil. With 4,650 miles of mostly tropical coastline, Brazil offers stunning beaches with views that will take your breath away, gorgeous hotels, clear blue waters, chilled cocktail scenes and more. Whether you are looking for colourful beaches in the heart of the city or secluded virgin beaches, this is your country. Hop on as we tell you about the eight most iconic beaches in Brazil.

1. Praia do Espelho, Trancoso Beach: Its name is synonymous with some serious cool factor - Trancoso is perhaps the coolest beach destination in Brazil. Situated on the Bahia coast, this town was unknown a decade ago but it’s quickly shot to fame. This is where Brazil’s celeb brigade heads to relax in super luxurious hotels with high-end restaurants and boutiques as well. The wealthy from Rio de Janerio and Sao Paulo come here for a sunshine break.


2. Fernando de Noronha: What can you say about this location that is one of the most beautiful places in the world! A postcard-perfect archipelago of 21 islands, on offer are unoccupied beaches, stunning panoramas and sunsets. Diving enthusiasts will also find great diving sites on offer here. In fact, the islands and the waters that surround them form part of Brazil’s first national marine park (all visitors are required to pay a daily environmental tax).


3. Paraty: This is the most iconic beach of Costa Verde, the stretch of coastline which links Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Located just three hours from Rio, Paraty is a fascinating mix of a mix of history and charming beaches, could there be a better combination? In fact, Paraty is a small UNESCO Heritage Listed town. Surrounded by a landscape of forests, beautiful islands out to sea and countless beaches it is hard not to fall in love with Paraty. Bonus marks because it’s name sounds exactly like party, and who doesn’t love a good party!


4. Ilha do Mel: Also known as ‘The Honey Island’ it lies off the coast of the state of Parana in the south of Brazil. A beautiful hour glass shaped island, free from cars and pollution and the perfect place to escape from it all. The island is perfect for those looking to relax or equally for those looking to explore and has a number of walking trails out to some of the island’s attractions such as Farol das Conchas lighthouse from where you can obtain a good perspective of the island or out to the 18th century Portuguese fort.


5. Praia do Rosa lies about 90 minutes to the south of Florianopolis in the state of Santa Catarina and is famous for two reasons; its excellent surf and the presence of many Southern Right Whales. Despite this, Praia do Rosa remains relatively unvisited by international tourists, despite being described as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Time to plan a visit, perhaps?


6. Ipanema, Zona Sul: Most travelers will see their first beaches in Rio, which does have some remarkable, if crowded shores. Of the famed Zona Sul beaches, Ipanema is a classic choice. If it's not too crowded, it's a beautiful stretch of sand, with kiosks to pick up a coconut to down the water from the shell or a caipirinha (a classic cocktail for a classic place). There's plenty of scenery along the sand and the jagged pinnacles of the Two Brothers that loom up beyond the next beach, Leblon. If your tastes run to fewer tourists, more nature, Arpoador Beach is hidden by the rocky bluffs separating Copacabana from Ipanema. It's an isolated cove with wild waves and (relative) peace in the middle of chaos.


7. Taipus de Fora, Bahia: Few colors have the power of translucent turquoise to stop humans in their tracks. Taipus de Fora has enough of this natural beauty to excite even the best travelled visitor. Located on the sea side of the Marau Peninsula on the south coast of Bahia, this beach is a snorkeler's dream. As the tide ebbs, it leaves behind brilliant, turquoise reef pools perfect for viewing an assortment of colorful tropical fish. The beach itself runs broad and golden for some four miles, with thick, luscious palms.


8. Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande: Ilha Grande – big island – is home to Lopes Mendes, the beach of your dreams, a sweeping 3km of the whitest, finest sand that stretches out to a calm, crystal blue ocean. With not a building or restaurant in sight, Lopes Mendes is lined with palm and almond trees offering only a little shade. Visitors will need to take plenty of suntan lotion, snacks and a good book – although there are always a couple of drinks sellers peddling chilled beers. Getting there is a long process – involving a bus journey from Rio, a ferry, a small taxi-boat and then a hike over a forested hill. Needless to say, it’s all worth it when you see the beach stretching out ahead of you!

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