5 Weekend Getaways From Bangalore

Bangalore has always had a numerous amount of quick getaways. So leave your troubles behind and start packing your bags. Here are a few places you can head to over a weekend. 



A mere 460 kilometers and a drive through the beautiful terrains will take you there. You can avail any comfortable non AC sleeper buses for Rs. 1,000, one way. There are vans or jeeps available for tourists to avail, even local buses are available, though the services are limited. You can rent a cycle for Rs. 30 per hour and roam around. There are beautiful viewpoints from where you can watch the scarlet sunset, sinking in the spellbound beauty.

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An amalgamation of history and nature is what Chitradurga offers to its visitors. The prime attraction here is the fort inside the town, overlooking the waters of the Hiriyur dam. Chitradurga looks nothing less than a setting for a Bollywood movie. Being an important archeological site in Karnataka, this place is a must-visit for history buffs.

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Hampi is a temple town with lot of historical relevance. The city is bifurcated by a river, meandering through the city, but also divides it into two distinct banks. Once you reach there, make sure you watch the sunrise by the banks. 

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Yes, you can absolutely have a budget trip to Goa. But this comes with a disclaimer - the thrilling budget trip idea is absolutely invalid for peak seasons. So, you can do a budget trip anytime between March to October. When in Goa, you need not worry about where to stay, how to make the most in such a little time, and so on and so forth. You get innumerable options to stay, at very affordable rates.



It's ideal to head to Pondicherry as it's not too far away from Bangalore. It is located at a distance of 350 kilometers. This small town is a true reminiscence of French culture and heritage. The street names, the chapels, and churches, everything is a miniature reflection of French inheritance. The bus fares from Bangalore to Pondicherry start from Rs. 700, one way. There are many lodging options at affordable rates and you can explore the nook and corner of Pondicherry on a scooter or a bike; which you can rent for very reasonable prices.

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