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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 12 Mar, 2018 Share image 1 Share

If you’re a woman who loves to travel, surely the thought of traveling solo has crossed your mind at some point. Maybe you took the plunge then, maybe you didn’t – but the fact remains that traveling solo is a great way to do something adventurous, meet new people, open your mind to infinite possibilities and create countless memories.

In this piece, we share the top (offbeat) locations to take a solo trip, where safety isn’t an issue of course, and there’s lots to see and do. Read on!

Iceland: 2018 will be remembered as the year when Iceland burst onto the scene, and how. It is a red-hot destination this year and it’s easy to see why. Whether you wish to see the amazing Northern Lights (bucket list item for sure), explore its vivid landscapes or lounge about in the natural hot springs, Iceland is a great pick. The good news is that Iceland is notoriously friendly for female travelers and has been rated as the safest country in the world. Even better, other exciting travel opportunities await you in the Nordics (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland). 

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5 Offbeat Options For Female Solo Travelers

Siem Reap, Cambodia: A perfect offbeat choice if you’re looking to steer firmly away from the ridiculously touristy areas of South East Asia. Siem Reap in particular is a breath of fresh air, packing in an unbeatable mix of culture and fun. It is home to the spectacular Angkor Wat Temple, a destination that I think everyone should visit at some point (bucket list worthy)! Pub Street at Siem Reap is also buzzing with energy and life. A rite of passage is the bustling Angkor What pub. Cambodia is cheap, friendly, accessible and fun – does it get any better?

Basque Country, Spain: Spain is a natural choice for a spirited solo traveller, given its sheer diversity. Leave aside the regular haunts of Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza and instead go somewhere more unexplored! Basque Country is the name of the area located in northern Spain with a celebrated cuisine, strong cultural traditions, art and a distinct language that pre-dates the Romance languages. Fun fact: it has Europe’s highest density of Michelin stars per inhabitants. Bilbao, the heart of the Basque country, is also the home of the famous Guggenheim museum. It's the perfect art and foodie adventure for any solo female traveler.

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5 Offbeat Options For Female Solo Travelers

New Zealand: New Zealand is one of the most visited countries by solo travelers. It is extremely safe, easy to meet other people and lots to do and see with breathtaking beauty at every corner. For those looking to get a rush of adrenalin, outdoor adventure is available everywhere (the first commercial bungee jump originated in New Zealand!), and it is easy to get around New Zealand. For the solo female traveler looking for luxury, there are dozens of top-rated five-star lodges throughout the two islands.

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Bhutan: Say hello to India’s gorgeous but underrated neighbouring country. Whether your’re looking to soak in the new experiences or to learn about its vivid culture, this is a great destination. Bhutan is safe, friendly and best of all, happy (cue: the famous happiness index!). Thanks to its tranquility, it’s a great place to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself.

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Coffee Bay, South Africa: This is a beautiful country in a continent that many solo female travelers overlook without a good reason. I love how laid-back Coffee Bay (and that whole coastline) is and how many cool other backpackers are always passing through. It’s easy to meet other people and go on long walks along the bluffs on the ocean and take in the gorgeous nature. While South Africa does have a pretty high crime rate, the bulk of it is in the cities. I loved the little towns like Coffee Bay where there weren’t many people or worries around at all.

It's a big world and if you’re armed with the desire to tread off the worn path and explore, you will find plenty on offer. Traveling solo gives you confidence and self belief – and of course, it gives you memories and experiences to relish for a lifetime. It gives you wings on your feet and lets you rediscover the person you really are. Could it get any more exciting?! We think not! encourages you to drink responsibly

Photos courtesy: Flickr, Wikicommons