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published time By Roxanne Bamboat published time 12 Oct, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Thailand is one of the most under rated countries specially with Indians. Due to its proximity and cheap currency exchange, a lot of people don't consider it to be a very exciting holiday and that couldn't be further away from the truth. If Bangkok is too much of a concrete jungle and Phuket is thronged with tourists, we suggest you enjoy all the goodness the island of Krabi has to offer you. A weekend or even three days on the island is more than enough to keep you entertained, relaxed and rejuvenated before you go back home. Here are a few ways to enjoy what Krabi has to offer.

Visit Railay Beach & Stay At Rayavadee - There is a main land and other islands that you can stay on in Krabi. While the most popular is Ao Nang which is full of tourists, a stunning alternative is Railay beach. If you like luxury and want to indulge in complete awesomeness then stay at the Rayavadee Hotel. It is the only five star property on Railay.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving - It's one of the best things to do. Ideally you can do a day trip to the islands (there are many) and enjoy the crystal blue water. It's easy to do a small crash course before they take you out and Krabi is one of the best places to experience arine life.

Grotto Caves - If you don't end up staying at Ravadee, try to pop in for a meal at their famous cave restaurant. It is literally tables and chairs inside a cave that overlooks the beach and sea. It's obviously the most gorgeous view but sunrise here is incredible.

Phranang Caves - It would be hard to climb up to the cave but it's right on the beach and a beautiful spot to take pictures and witness how gorgeous Thailand is. You could of course climb up or at least attempt to. A lot of folks like to rock climb which is very possible and a great way to spend the morning. However if you can't handle the climb just sit back and enjoy the caves from the beach. The view is spectacular.

Thai Food -  One of the best things to do in Thailand is to gorge on their incredible food! It can get difficult to recommend restaurants and shacks but truth be told, anywhere you go it will not disappoint you. From Thai curry to fried rice Thai style, green papaya salad, giant crabs and jumbo prawns. Thailand takes their food very seriously and Krabi town is a great spot to try it all.

Thai Cooking Class - A great way to understand the local culture better is to take part in an activity. If you enjoy food then a culinary class where you learn how to cook traditional Thai food is a must. Almost any and every hotel will organise one for you, it's the easiest thing to set up or then book a local class and spend some time learning how to whip up some seafood delights. Vegetarians don't be disheartened, Thai food surprisingly has plenty of vegetable dishes and all extremely tasty and worth learning.

Fishing in a local village - Southern Thailand has a very prominent Muslim population. Over the years traders from Indonesia and Malaysia settled in the country. There are many fishing villages and one main one is a Muslim fishing village that is perfect for going fishing. Hop into a boat and ride around the lake and mangroves hunting for crab and shrimp. The village is lovely and attracts many folks who'd like to spend a day on the water.

Visit Emerald Pond - Krabi has an amazing phenomenon of natural springs and pools. The most popular one is the Emerald pond. It's a long albeit pretty walk to the pond, possibly a kilometer to get there but it's gorgeous and almost like a community swimming pool. If you like the water or are travelling with kids this is a great spot.

Tiger Caves - This is a cave which is now a Buddhist Shrine where people come to pray and take blessings. Legend has it that many years ago a tiger lived in this cave. Later some monks came to settle here and the tiger left but people still refer to it as Tiger Cave. If you're up for it, climb right to the top ( over a thousand steps) and get a gorgeous view from above. If you're like me, take pictures walk around and you'll be satisfied.

Visit a Natural Hot Spring - While the Emerald pond really is a large swimming pool, there are lots of natural hotsprings in Krabi where the water is actually hot. Enjoy a wonderful massage and scrub and then lazing in the natural hot and cold pools. One would imagine that they turned up the temperature but in the hotels, there are a bunch of pools and each one at a different temperature. It's amazing and possibly the most relaxing experience. You get these all over Japan but not nowhere in Thailand except Krabi.

Buy locals spices - If you love cooking or are even remotely interested then go to a local Thai market, preferably in one of the many villages and potter around. Chilli paste, hot sauce, curry paste - there is so much to buy ! Specially stuff that is made and sold in a local store instead of something pre- packaged.

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