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published time By Olivia published time 17 Aug, 2018 Share image 0 Shares
Travel as much as you want, as far as you can, because life’s not meant to be lived in one place. Like the saying goes, “If travelling were free, you’d never see me again.” And if you're wondering where to go next to for one of those once in a lifetime experiences then we've got just the list for you.
1. India
Have you ever sat in this beautiful Shikara and watched the sunset? Take a ride in the shikara across the spectacular Dal lake while you watch the night stars taking over the sky. 
10 Overwhelming Travel Experience That Will Make You Feel Alive
2. Canada
Making a snow man is on our Christmas list for now! But staying in this modern-day igloo can be done right away. Gaze at the scenic beauty of the night skies and immerse yourself in Northern Quebec’s blissful heavens. 
10 Overwhelming Travel Experience That Will Make You Feel Alive
3. Turkey
Having watched The Ugly Truth as a teenager, riding in a hot air balloon has been a dream. Make your dream come through as you ride in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia to take in the remarkable view. Float over panoramic vistas and natural chimney rock formations as you take in the sheer serenity. 
4. Ecaudor
A swing to dangle you off the very edge will make your entire trip worth it. With only a lonely seat belt to hold you in, the swing arcs rides out into the air over the canyon. Swing at the end of the world over a deep abyss to feel the breeze caress your skin.
5. Peru
The thrill of finishing the climb will leave you anxious to take in the view from the top. Once on top, scream your lungs out at Machu Picchu. There’s no greater feeling like taking a deep swig of fresh air after a successful climb.
6. Iceland
Iceland is known for its Blue Lagoon. Your trip is incomplete if you haven’t taken a dip into nature’s very own geothermal spa. The Blue Lagoon is situated in a lava field in southwestern Iceland and it will make all other spas look like work. 
7. Costa Rica
What is life without some adventure? Rappel down a waterfall to witness the mighty 100ft King Louis waterfall up close. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or not, this one should definitely be attempted. 
8. New Zealand
Heat up next to nature’s very own sauna at New Zealand’s Champagne pool. This hot spring located within the Waiotapu geothermal area is derived from the constant efflux of carbon dioxide gas, similar to a glass of bubbling champagne. Isn’t that interesting?
9. USA
Why stay on the ground when you can dangle mid-air? Campers in California’s Yosemite National Park have been captured pitching their tents on a vertical rock face, more than 3,000ft above the ground. Go cliff camping at Yosemite National Park and live in the perfect mid-air camp. 
10. France
Reminisce DDLJ’s iconic scene of running in sarson ka khet with a twist! Take a stroll in the never-ending sea of purple as you breathe in the lavender fields of Provence. The lavender blooms from June to August and is a sight for sore eyes.