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The Insider's Diary

Orlando Bloom's NYC house for sale

Posted by: Sonali Velinker Kamat on February 20, 2015

One of the luxuries of being super-rich is that you are largely impervious to the consequences of rethinking big decisions. Take Orlando Bloom for instance. Having splashed out a tidy $4.88 million on an apartment in New York City only six months ago, the actor has decided to relocate again.

What is it about the luxury three-bedroom, two-bathroom abode with its cast-iron columns, exposed brick walls, open kitchen and wood-beamed ceilings that no longer appeals to Orlando? Well, it can't be dissatisfaction with the neighbours because the beautiful Taylor Swift lives next door!

"It's quite a tragedy that he's moving out," our fly on the wall from Tribeca tells us, adding that friends of Taylor's had hoped the proximity to Orlando may result in a new romance blooming. Orlando, however, seems more inclined to associate with his 52-year-old yoga-buddy Demi Moore.

"They are both deeply spiritual characters who love yoga, meditation and new age philosophies. They've both been initiated into spiritual practise Usui Reiki and have started to practise on each other," we're told.
But back to the subject of Orlando's posh soon-to-be-ex pad. Real estate experts suggest that the A-list star's change of heart may actually be profitable. The fourth-floor, three-bedroom loft in Tribeca is being listed for $5.5 million and with its recently-acquired novelty value as a 'Hollywood home' it may well fetch the price.