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The Insider's Diary

Fast-tracking his divorce!

Posted by: Sonali Velinker Kamat on October 17, 2014

Kim Kardashian’s mum Kris filed for divorce on September 22 and her estranged husband Bruce Jenner responded by buying himself a shiny new set of speedy wheels! Bruce, who has also featured on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ is a keen racing fan and made an “impulse purchase” from NASCAR star Robby Gordon at the Sand Sports Super Show in Orange County.

Sources suggest the former Olympian wants to debut his new car at the Griffin King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley, California, in February 2015, with his sons Burt and Brandon. That said, it wasn’t just a day for ‘boys and their toys’ — Bruce also filed his response to Kris’s divorce petition, only a few hours after she entered in her legal documents.

Those in the know tell us that he asked a judge to agree to the same terms set out by Kris, including that they have joint physical and legal custody of their 17-year-old daughter, Kylie. Both parties have asked for their “jewellery and other personal effects” and “earnings and accumulations… from and after the date of separation” and neither is demanding spousal support.

It has been a year since the couple announced their split last October, but court documents state Bruce and Kris separated in June 2013. Despite the passing of time, the divorce proceedings are likely to be depressing… but splashing out on a race car is sure to make Bruce feel better!