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Luxe at Length

Resort Wardrobe for your Luxury Weekend

Posted by: Liveinstyle on October 15, 2014

Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter are two bonafide seasons that every fashionista is aware of. However, for the most part, the most wearable clothes that brands launch every year, are from a separate collection altogether. This collection is called the ‘cruise collection’ or ‘resort wear’.

History saw resort wear start out as a collection of leisurely shirts  and comfortable shorts, which filled up Louis Vuitton trunks of rich and wealthy, when they jetted off on their vacations. From this, it has now evolved to one of the most profitable, affordable and popular lines for all luxury fashion brands. While S/S and A/W are chances for a designer to show off their outrageous creativity, resort wear is where they get creative with the basics. These basics are perfect for dressing up while dressing down.  

While dressing up in outfits from a resort collection seemingly presents an effortless look, building a wardrobe for the same purpose proves to be a daunting task. Every piece curated for your wardrobe has to be scrutinised to see how casual it is.

While building a resort wear wardrobe has to do a lot with adding your personal touch to the outfits, there exist some guidelines common across all wardrobes which can be used as pointers while deciding.

Clean Cuts and Sophisticated Silhouettes

While resort wear gives you a chance to dial down the snazziness, it’s important to maintain a level of sophistication in your outfit. Simple and popular cuts, which complement your body shape, are the first thing to stock in your wardrobe. Slim fit shirts in semi-stretchable materials such as poly viscose cotton will instantly lend an effortless elegance to your outfit.

It might seem natural to reach for jeans for building a resort wear wardrobe. However, you’ll be surprised to find out that linen pants and cotton chinos are ever-so-popular amongst designers. This can be attributed to the fact that while jeans might help you relax, they don’t add the classiness that comes with wearing trousers.

Include: Polo T-shirts, Slim fit Cotton/Linen Shirts, Straight fit trousers, Stretchable chinos

Avoid: Loose fitting silk/georgette shirts, Body fitting t-shirts, Slim fit pants, Skinny jeans

One Solid Colour at a Time

Vacations call for relaxation and to some it means slipping into their snazziest printed shirt and mismatching them with the first trouser they can find. For the refined and classy look, which a resort wear wardrobe calls for, go for tops and bottoms in solid colours.

That said, it is not necessary for you to stick to plain boring colours. The area to experiment is actually with the colour you pick. However, always remember to balance the overall colour harmonics of the outfit. No outfit should be unnaturally bright or dull. The keyword for a resort wardrobe is ‘natural’ which comes with balancing.

Include: Neons (Pink, Purple), Neutral (Beige, White), Basic (Blue, Yellow)

Avoid: Neons (Green, Orange), Neutral (Black)

Wear It Outside

The outerwear in a resort wear wardrobe is where you can bring freeform to your outfit. Throw on a simple dinner jacket or a studded biker jacket, either way you can’t go wrong with outerwear as long as your base outfit compliments it. Once again, balance the moods of the outerwear with the base outfits. For example, if you decide to wear a dinner jacket, have some fun with the base outfit.

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

Your outfit can end up looking a little disjointed if you don’t tie it together with the perfect resortaccessories. The area where you bring your personal touch to the resort wear wardrobe start with the accessories. While everyone is well acquainted with the ties and cufflinks (popular men’s accessories), new trends in accessories include wristbands, pocket squares and bow ties. Don’t be shy to experiment with these accessories in quirky prints and vibrant colours.

Include: Wristbands, scarves, pocket squares, statement belts, bow ties

Avoid: Ties, cufflinks, face piercings