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Luxe at Length

IPL Luxe Concierge : Raipur

Posted by: Raul Dias on April 06, 2015

As one of India’s youngest state capitals, Raipur may be a newbie on the socio-political radar, but it’s a growing city with a slowly burgeoning art and sports scene and a super getaway to the wilds of Chhattisgarh, when you’ve had your fill of a few IPL matches at the Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium

While there might not be much in Raipur itself to tempt the IPL fan more than the matches played there, escaping the city and heading off on a culturally rich trip to the other area of Chhattisgarh is a good idea to break the cricket monotony. And one such place is Kanker Palace situated in the dense tropical forestlands of the Central Indian savanna. Fronted by lawns and rambling bougainvillea Kanker Palace is the family home of the erstwhile ruling family who can trace their ancestors back to the 12th century. Built in 1937 the colonial bungalow was the residence of the British agent in this remote part of India who was the young prince’s guardian at the time, and is the royal family’s fourth palace, the others having been given up to become a temple, school and hospital. The five suites, like the other rooms in the main building have double height ceilings (designed this way to keep the temperature bearable in the incredibly hot summers) and enormous fans that would have once been pulled by fully occupied punkah wallas. The rooms are decorated with traditional furniture, animal skins and hunting trophies, including ‘Henry’ a complete tiger who watches over guests in the sitting room. Aside from enjoying the hospitality and old world charm, a stay at Kanker Palace is all about exploring this part of Chhattisgarh with a knowledgeable guide who accompanies guests to places of natural beauty and archaeological significance. 

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