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Luxe at Length

How To Throw A Luxurious Party

Posted by: Roxanne Bamboat on October 15, 2014

There are only so many dinner parties at home or even at a fancy restaurant that you can do. While that's how everyone likes to host their parties, it really wouldn't be so terrible if you shook things up a little. A different setting, a different mood, theme or even style can transform an ordinary do into a luxurious fare. All you need to do is step out of the tried and tested formula and get a little creative. If you want to host something slightly fancier than the regular party, how about trying some of our luxury party ideas.

Yatch Party - There can be nothing more extravagant than cruising on a beautiful yatch sipping champagne and enjoying yourself with great company. Don't worry you don't need to be in Europe somewhere to enjoy the luxuries of a yatch party, there are plenty of companies in Mumbai that are more than happy to accommodate you and create a beautiful ambience that will make your party one to rival all others. Sail across the sunset and well into the night with food, booze, music and a bunch of party animals out at sea!

Wine and Cheese Party - If there's a match made in heaven then it's got to be wine and cheese. The two pair perfectly and add a sense of style to any party. This is of course several notches above beer and biryani and you can be rest assured your guests will enjoy it a whole lot more. To make it special, the party could have a wine sommelier walk your guests through a small sample tasting and the finer notes on wine pairing (if the guest list is interested ). The best part is this might be a fancy way to throw a party, but it's the easiest as everything is planned in advance and makes it easier for you to mingle with your guests instead of running into the kitchen every couple of minutes to make sure everything is ok.

Golf Brunch - Anyone who throws a party where men can get together for a couple of rounds on the golf course followed by a meal with liquor is definately the king of throwing parties. For those who are eagerly passionate about the game, this is the best kind of party. Of course the party kicks off early and after spending enough time on the greens, the party continues with a luxurious brunch making it uber stylish and a party unlike any other.

Cigars and Single Malts - There isn't a man who would turn down a chance to puff a cigar or enjoy a smooth single malt. The ones who would are a rare breed. A party where the host brings out the good stuff and encourages you to drink only the best whisky and smoke the smoothest cigars is one that not only reeks of elegance and style but is one that guarantees a full attendance. A cigar and single malt party is a decadent way to socialize and makes gives party planning a stylish new meaning. encourages you to Party Responsibly!