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Luxe at Length

Guide to Designing a Luxury Wardrobe

Posted by: Sonali Velinker Kamat on March 27, 2015

Elton John has a sunglass closet for his 2,50,000-strong collection. Most mortals needn’t go that far, but if you own some of the ‘haute’st brands in the world, perhaps it is time to give that bespoke Ermenegildo Zegna suit a wardrobe to match. With inputs from several celebrity interior designers, The LUXE lists five top tips for the perfect walk-in closet..


Let your habits dictate your wardrobe design, so each space is designated after careful consideration of your shopping patterns. If, like Elton John, you are a sunglass addict, dedicate a space within your wardrobe exclusively to sunglasses. Spare a nook for your man-bags, or a wall if you have a penchant for purchasing pouches. Divide drawers to make slots for belts and earmark a space to display your ties. Should you be a shoe shopaholic, perhaps one floor-to-ceiling shoe closet may not be enough, so plan for two or more. Put in a watch-winder wall if you have tons of tickers, but, most importantly, divide your room into definitive sections for different categories of products.


Of all the resources you do have in abundance, time isn’t one of them. Design your closet to make room for grouping task-specific outfits together. Store your ski outfit with gloves and other gear, so it is all in one place when needed. Allot a section to winter wear and do the same with your riding and gym gear.


To really use your clothes and accessories well, you must be able to see them all. Partly, that can be achieved by storing things appropriately in designated sections. Where clothes are hung, remember to keep about an inch of space per garment and an entirely separate area for full-length garments. Then, of course, you are left with the lighting aspect. If you have a dressing area housed within your wardrobe, task lighting is required for that. Mirrors should be lit evenly from both sides. For everything else, adequate ambient lighting will ensure good visibility, reduced humidity and an appreciable brighter mood—but remember to hide light sources and direct them at your clothes, not randomly across the room.


When planning the perfect closet, remember that everything you need should be at hand when you need it. The fundamental mistake people make at a design stage is creating out-of-reach storage. Rails on which clothes are meant to be hung should be at arm’s length and the vertical space for hanging should be generous enough to accommodate unusually long shirts as well, not to mention full-length clothes.


A successful man’s wardrobe should be his man cave, not just a showcase for all his prized possessions. On occasion you may want to have a buddy or two for company, while you try on a handful of clothes and they offer an opinion. It is advisable to have seating for at least two, unless you have room for more. Some celebrity closets even have wine refrigerators, breakfast stations, television areas, cigar humidors and—believe it or not—stripper poles!