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Jacqueline Fernandez & The Business Of Food

Posted by: Sonali Velinker Kamat on November 10, 2014

Jacqueline Fernandez has her fundas right. If her face can sell products for others (think Maggi, Satya Paul, Lux and The Body Shop), why not use brand ‘Jacqueline’ to sell something she is invested in? Ergo, earlier this year, Jacqueline tied up with celebrity chef Dharshan Munidasa to launch a restaurant in Colombo. The eatery specialises in contemporary Sri Lankan cuisine and offers a fresh take on old favourites like hoppers, egg roti and ambulthial. It’s been hailed as the hottest new restaurant in town since opening in July — not on account of Jacqueline’s ability to entice alone, but because everything on Dharshan’s menu (starting with his signature slow-cooked chicken) is creating a culinary stir in Colombo.

Now, we hear, the success of Kaema Sutra (yes, that’s the restaurant’s name) has the actress toying with other entrepreneurial ideas — and this time she is prepared to take on Mumbai. Can you expect Kaema Sutra 2 in SoBo? Sadly, not yet… since Jacqueline is more enamoured with the idea of launching an organic café that can also double up as a space for yoga sessions in the suburbs.

If you ask us, we’d rather eat hoppers and spicy sambol while sitting alongside our favourite Sandra from Bandra, but we are prepared to wait for that treat. In the meantime, we’re committing ourselves to planting the idea (a la ‘Inception’) in Jacqueline’s mind at the earliest!