03 - Nov

The Lime Diaries VI @ The Humming Tree

949, 3rd Floor, 12th Main, Off 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar
11:58 am - 11:58 am   

The Lime Diaries is back! We're rediscovering the lost art of storytelling with yet another edition of the Lime Diaries! Come join us for an evening of thought-provoking and hilarious tales from the road. The Lime Diaries was started by experiential travel company Byond Travel in Bangalore in May 2015. Since then we've hosted hundreds of rapt travellers at events held between Bangalore and Mumbai. Previous storytellers have included Suhel Seth, Kunal Vijaykar, Rubi Chakravarti, Danish and Yasmin Sait, Lakshmi Rebecca and more than a dozen others, including your next door neighbor. Byond Travel is an experiences led travel company with a simple goal to help you discover and plan unforgettable vacations and experiences. Our vision is to create travel journeys that are immensely personal and authentic by focusing on interactions with local cultures, activities, people, art and food. Whether it's tracking a snow-leopard deep in the Himalayas, or learning the art of Balinese cuisine or stomping grapes in a vineyard in Spain - we're here to help you create stories that will last a lifetime.


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