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You may or may not have heard of Sunburn events. If you’re big on the music scene, chances are you’ve heard of the Sunburn festival in Goa. The first Sunburn festival was hosted in Goa in 2007, and since then events have been held just about everywhere you can imagine. The first festival had just 10,000 attendees. Since then the number has risen until the last event drew in 300,000 people.

It’s the perfect EDM festival for people who not only love music, but adventure, food and shopping too. The biggest DJs and even local DJs perform over 5 stages at the festival to make sure travellers and music lovers have the best time. You don’t have to wait a year for the festival to come back around either; the Sunburn arena means you can have an amazing time more often! Then there’s Sunburn on the road, where Sunburn style events travel far and wide. This is where the festival travels to all kinds of different cities so that everybody can enjoy what Sunburn has to offer. You really shouldn’t miss out on Sunburn events if you love to’s why:


The Diverse Music and Huge DJs

First and foremost, the Sunburn events are all about the music. Dance music is huge at these festivals, and every style is played. Styles all the way from trance to techno can be found at a Sunburn event. It isn’t just for the dance music lovers though; there are all kinds of different styles. Drum n bass and trap are just a couple more styles that people enjoy here. Then there are the huge DJs who take the stages. You will be able to enjoy the likes of Afrojack, David Guetta, Tiesto, and so many more. Not to mention the local Indian DJs who show you some of the talent that places like Mumbai, Delhi, and Goa have to offer. It isn’t just music either; light shows and lasers make the whole thing a real experience. It really is a musical event to remember. Sunburn events have the whole package!


Like Minded People at Sunburn

When you head to a Sunburn event, you can bet that you’ll meet so many like minded people. People who all want to enjoy the music, explore, and have the most incredible time! Not only will you meet locals, you’ll meet travellers too. You can meet people if you stay in a hostel before the festival, as this is where most travellers will stay to save money. That being said, you’re bound to get talking to some new people at the festival. Make sure you’re open to speaking to different people to have the best experience! You don’t need to be afraid; just use common sense. If you make friends, make sure you leave a note somewhere. If something doesn’t feel right, just leave. You’ll see people from all different walks of life too. People travel from countries from all over the world to attend Sunburn music events. Groups of friends, couples, and solo travellers all attend.


Foods to Suit all Tastes at Sunburn

Although Sunburn is an Indian music event, you don’t need to limit yourself to Indian food. There’s food here to suit all tastebuds. You can get a taste for whatever region you like when it’s time to top up your energy for more dancing.


Flea Markets at Sunburn

Love flea markets? Shopping for souvenirs and unusual items? Then the flea markets that come with Sunburn events are for you! Here you’re bound to find something unique and original that you simply must take home with you. Just make sure you have room in your bag or case for all of the things you buy! The flea markets started out small, but they are now bigger and better than ever. They grow along with the popularity of the festival. They are definitely worth taking a break from the music and dancing for.


Activities for Thrillseekers at Sunburn

It isn’t just about the music at Sunburn events. There are plenty of activities for thrill seekers too. If you’ve always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon or take a bungee jump, you’re free to do it here! And why not, when you’re at one of the biggest and most anticipated events of the year? Step out of your comfort zone and make this Sunburn event one you’ll never forget.


Camping at Sunburn

You have lots of options for accommodation when you want to attend a Sunburn event. You can Stay in a hostel or hotel, but you have the option to camp too. With many of the events there are places you can pitch a tent and keep the party going for longer. At Sunburn festival in Goa, you have ‘Campout’, which allows you to keep that party feeling going right up until the end of the festival. It’s the place to be for people wanting to have the best time!


Safety at Sunburn

With so many people attending these events, you do need to take some safety precautions. Make sure you let people know where you’re going and with whom. Even if you can just leave a note in your hostel as mentioned before, do that. Keeping in touch with people back home is a good idea too. You should avoid drugs, as you don’t always know what’s in them and whether they are safe. If you’re drinking, make sure you don’t drink too much. You still want to know what you’re doing and remember the event! To help to keep people safe, all Sunburn events have security staff to keep things under control.

No you know why you shouldn’t miss one of the much anticipated Sunburn events. Whether you head to the festival in Goa, Sunburn on the road, or something at the Sunburn arena, you’ll have the most amazing time. Many people will tell you that they had one of the best times of their life at a Sunburn event. Don’t miss Sunburn events!

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