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If you’re the kind of person who loves music and festivals, Sunburn festival in Goa is right up your street. Hosted on some of the most beautiful beaches in India, this festival spans over 3 days. It has some of the world’s top DJs playing electronic dance music for travellers from all over the world. Sunburn events are hosted all over the world, but Goa is one of the best destinations to enjoy this festival. People have been visiting Goa for years from all over the world because of the exciting and diverse music scene. Not only can you enjoy the other experiences that trippy Goa has to offer, you can enjoy this festival too.


Sunburn’s DJs and Music Genres

Is the thought of heading to Goa from the 27th-30th December and dancing all night to big Djs like Afrojack, Tiesto, DJ Snake, Chuckie, and more exciting to you? Then you need to add Sunburn to your bucket list. With 120 big name Djs playing over 5 stages, you can’t go wrong here, as there will be a style to suit everybody. You’ll find trap music, electronic, drum n bass, hardstyle, house, techno, trance, and more! If you’d like to see some of the talent that India has to offer in the form of DJs, you can do that too. There’s Anish Sood, Sartek, Arsh, Janux, and many more.  If you’re primarily visiting to enjoy the music, you’re in for a treat. Not only is the sound out of this world, there are also LED light shows and lasers, making this festival a real experience for the senses.

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Things to Do at Sunburn Goa

In one day you can see some of the world’s biggest DJs, meet like minded people and enjoy things outside of the music too. There’s food, shopping and so many more reasons to come to this festival. This year, there’s something totally new. ‘Campout’ is a vibrant town that music lovers can flock to after enjoying the day at this festival. Campout allows people who love the atmosphere at Sunburn to enjoy it 24/7! The fun never stops when you choose to camp here after the festival. Not only that, there are going to be hot air balloon rides, acrobatic, flea markets, and so many more things to see. Have you always dreamt of riding in a helicopter? Maybe you want to do something more daring and memorable - a bungee jump? You can do it all at Sunburn Goa. It just keeps on getting bigger and better! You’re bound to have a unique experience that you’ll never forget.


Safety at Sunburn Goa

You don’t need to worry about safety either, as Sunburn has 24/7 security to keep party goers safe as the days wear on. This also means that you should be on your best behaviour. Security and policemen work over time during this festival, so be mindful.


A History of Sunburn Goa

This is season 9 of the Goa Sunburn festival, meaning it’s more popular than ever. The first festival had only 10,000 people attend. The last festival had more than 3,00,000 people attend!

The first Sunburn in Goa was held in 2007. 36 artists played, both national and international. There were only 10 stalls, and a small flea market. Sunburn is definitely Asia’s most popular, largest music festival and is anticipated by music lovers all over the globe. With over 40 different experiences for music lovers and a fan village to boot, you really can’t have a bad time at Sunburn in Goa. It has even been listed as the 9th best festival in the whole world by CNN!


Getting to Sunburn Goa

If you’re not from the area and you’d like to get to Sunburn Goa, you need to plan ahead. Look on flight comparison sites to see how much you’ll be expected to pay for a return flight. By checking in a carry on bag rather than a huge suitcase, you’ll be able to save some money on your flights. You won’t need to take much with you for a festival anyway! Then you’re going to need to find somewhere to stay. It’s up to you whether you want to stay in Campout, a hostel nearby, or somewhere more luxurious. With Campout and hostels, you’re far more likely to meet travellers to attend the festival with if you’re alone or in a small group! Not to mention save a load of money on your budget. Make sure you also consider the commuting costs too and from the festival when working out a budget.

As this time of year is prime for travellers visiting India, the rates will be inflated more than usual. The further in advance you can plan, the cheaper you can make your trip. You may also want to plan for local travel and food. If you struggle, there are programs, apps, and forums online that should give you some useful information. Make sure you do plenty of thorough research so you know exactly what you need to do. Then you will be able to attend the festival safely and without blowing your entire budget.


Buying Tickets for Sunburn Goa

You haven’t just got to think about getting to Goa and somewhere to stay. You need to buy your tickets for the event too. You can very easily purchase tickets for Sunburn Goa online. They are all different prices depending on the kind of experience you want. Prices may be higher or lower depending on who is headlining the festival. You can also purchase a ticket that will grant you access to every day, or just one day. Whatever you think you can handle!

Sunburn Goa is one of the best festivals for lovers of music, travel, and culture. There’s nothing quite like experiencing one of the world’s top music festivals in a new and exciting place. Make sure you read through this information carefully so you can plan your trip effectively. Then all you need to do is catch your flight and have the most euphoric time!

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