22 - Jan

Studio Live Fridays with Arko Mukhaerjee

Novotel, CF 11, Action Area, 1C, New Town, Rajarhat New Town, Kolkata PIN Code 700156
09:00 pm - 11:30 pm   

Studio Live Fridays(SLF) are funky, eclectic and refreshing nights that feature Live Music elements with Electronic elements to create unique soundscapes by some of the most cutting edge electronic producers alongside very talented live musicians. One of the most unique vocalists to have hit the world music scene, Arko's high tenor and a natural husk, is unique to sub –continental contemporary music. Formally trained in Indian classical music, Arko is equally versatile with Western and Indian folk songs, blues, soul and tribal music styles. He has been travelling all over Europe and has collaborated with several other projects in France, England and Germany and has played in eminent music festivals in Europe. He has been researching on the roots of Indian music, trying to make a bridge with folk forms from around the world. A documentary called Bhorsha Thakuk Bangla Gaane was made in Bangladesh on him and his stories of travelling with music in 2014, discussing the evolution of Bengali folk music for the last 4 centuries. He has recorded and released albums with several other folk and electronic projects from India and Europe


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