Twitter wars: Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand takes on Piers Morgan

Everyone knows it’s not nice to kick a man when he’s down, but Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand missed that memo. (Besides, Rio gets paid to kick stuff about!) Joyous at the sacking of long-time rival Piers Morgan from CNN, Rio took a pot-shot at Piers on Twitter, inviting the talk show host to “come clean my boots” as a new career move. Not to be outdone — beleaguered though he may be — Piers responded: “Must be spotless after last night, ‘fella’ never touched the ball,” referring to Manchester United’s latest defeat in Greece.

Arsenal-fan Morgan has taken Ferdinand on (via Twitter) several times, once asking him, “Who won Benchwarmer of the Year – you or @themichaelowen,” and, on another occasion, saying: “If I wanted a lesson on physical appearance I’d go to @evalongoria not Shrek’s ugly brother.”

Worse still, Morgan’s mean Twitter messages haven’t stopped at Ferdinand’s door. Teammate Wayne Rooney also received a few offensive shots for being money-minded (during the transfer window in 2011), to which Rooney responded with a terse tweet, ending: “I don’t want to know u.” Well, now CNN doesn’t want to know Morgan either, so that makes two!

Article by - Sonali Velinker Kamat

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