To ‘Bhaijaan’ with love: The Story of Shah Rukh and Salman Khan’s ‘asli yaari’

They say a nation has neither permanent friends nor permanent enemies, only permanent interests. This may well be true in Bollywood as well, where massive matinee idols have flip-flopped between being bitter rivals and best buddies.

Through it all, we stand, steadfast, in favour of ‘asli yaari.’ And so it is that we are delighted to see two of the Hindi film industry’s biggest stars — Shah Rukh and Salman Khan — have now most certainly put their much-publicised rivalry behind them, and are basking in the age of ‘asli yaari’. Marked by Iftar diplomacy and post-midnight meetings — not to mention their joint and joyous celebrations at the wedding of Salman’s sister Arpita in November — their friendship has been attracting attention for several months. But never more so than yesterday, when Shah Rukh Khan tweeted the first look of Salman’s ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ with the message: “I believe Being a brother is bigger than being a Hero. ‘Bhaijaan’ coming Eid 2015. How do u like the first look?”

To answer SRK’s question, we like the first look of Kabir Khan’s latest film well enough to wait for more, but what we like best of all is this brotherly bonding between the Khans who rule our box office. Don’t you?

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