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published time By Virinder Villkhoo published time 03 Mar, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

As far as Oscar Nights go, this was a somber affair. You know a night hasn’t gone that great, when even Jim Carrey falters! After the shocking night that MacFarlane delivered last year, the Academy had to make amends. So they went with the genial Ellen DeGeneres – who ordered and delivered pizzas for fun. And that’s how cheeky it got.

The Hits:

1) Twitter History -

Even though Ellen played it safe, she did manage to bring Twitter down with the most epic Selfie - that broke the record for the most Retweeted tweet ever, by a margin!

ellen degeneres oscars selfie

2) Gravity

The night belonged to the most magnetic film of the year - Gravity, picking up an Oscar in almost all the categories it was nominated in - VFX, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Cinematography, Film Editing, Original Score and Best Director!

Gravity redefines cinematic experience and it deserves every plaudit in the book and beyond it.

3) Drama

As always, Academy loves Dramas with messages. So this year Dallas Buyers Club (tackling AIDS) and 12 Years a Slave (tackling slavery) won some of the biggest awards. Lupita Nyong’o won the Best Supporting Actress, while Jesus look-alike Jared Leto won the Best Supporting Actor award. 12 Years a Slave picked up the Best Adapted Screenplay award and the most coveted award of the night – Best Picture!

4) Frozen

Disney nailed it with this beautifully made fairy tale. It won the award for the best animated feature as well as the best original song ‘Let it go’. This, truly, was the most charming film of the year.

5) Matthew McConaughey

Alright, Alright, Alright, what a comeback! This guy was gone, forgotten. And then 2013 was his year. What a performance and what a win! It was also the biggest upset of the night, as he took home the award for the Best Actor.

The Misses

1) Bradley Cooper

He has now lost 2 times in a row. Then again, he did take the selfie of the year!

2) Meryl Streep

Nominated for a record-setting 18 times, Meryl also set the record for the most losses – 15! She lost to the brilliant Cate Blanchett for her soul stirring performance in Blue Jasmine!

3) Leonardo DiCaprio

His rotten luck at the Oscars continued as he lost for the 4th time. People thought this was his year, but Matthew stole the coveted golden statue from his grasp.

4) Gravity

Yeah, it lost the most coveted award of the night – Best Picture. Huge upset and makes one wonder if the Academy has a reserved quota for these awards! After giving it almost all the technical awards of the night, the best director and editor, the Academy did drop the ‘N’ bomb on Gravity ( if you know what I mean!).

Rating: 5/10 - Overall an ordinary night with some surprises, a historic tweet and the usual Academy clichés. And yeah, Sidney Poitier still has the chutzpah at 87; wish he could lend some to the Academy.

Image credit -, Ellen DeGeneres Twitter

Article by - Virinder Villkhoo