Tanya Kumar : On a sweet note

Kishen Kumar’s diminutive darling Tanya hit home store Oma at the JW Marriott in Mumbai yesterday. As we watched on, the svelte singer shopped up a storm within minutes, before bounding across the hall and into the über-popular Bombay Baking Company to buy a cake. With Sanjay Kapoor also seated at the all-day eatery (wearing FitFlops), it was clear that Bollywood had taken up residence at the bakery — which is often frequented by his sis-in-law Sridevi as well. But back to Tanya Kumar, who made a pretty picture in a maxi dress, with a giant Dolce &Gabbana bag slung over her shoulder. We’re not sure whose birthday she was shopping for, but the recipient of those gifts sure must be pleased.

Post by - Sonali Velinker Kamat

Image credit - bharatstudent.com

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