Shah Rukh Khan: Pun intended

Shah Rukh Khan hasn't achieved his massive, meteoric success courtesy of dumb luck. To extend the metaphor, there’s nothing dumb about him. Ask anyone who has worked with the actor/entrepreneur and you will hear tales of how hardworking and ambitious SRK still is. Having witnessed him taking an injection to battle a fever while doing two magazine cover shoots simultaneously, I’ll testify to his commitment to work first-hand. This tribute, however, is not to his monumental reputation or his hard-earned six pack abs. My homage is less brawn and more brain related.

On June 2, a day after his Kolkata Knight Riders won coveted Indian Premier League gold yet again, SRK posted an image of himself doing a celebratory cartwheel on his Twitter page. To go with the eye-catching photo, he added a note: “The Ab(s)RamSomesault continues to Kolkata now. Round & round. If I go on like this I will reinvent the wheel soon!!!” We’ll overlook the typo (what’s a missing ‘r’ amongst admirers), while we gush about the thought. First, the clever mention of his sonAbRam’s name, while drawing attention to his still-perfect abs. Then, the crack about reinventing the wheel. Pun pe pun. Well done!

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