Rohit Sharma’s Animal Instincts

Kumar Sangakkara and his Sri Lankan squad stole the ICC World Twenty20 trophy out from under our noses, but our boys in blue still make us proud in other arenas. Rohit Sharma, for one, is batt(l)ing in favour of the Indian elephant — having signed up to campaign in support of a PeTA initiative to ban animal circuses. “We cricketers love our sport, and we willingly participate. But animals in circuses are beaten into performing against their will,” says the compassionate right-hander. “Animals deserve respect, not to be imprisoned in small enclosures and forced to perform degrading and meaningless tricks out of fear of punishment,” Rohit says, emphasising that elephants have rights too, just as humans do. According to PeTA, even though the Animal Welfare Board of India decided to stop the registration of elephants for performances in circuses, that decision has yet to be implemented. Elephants in circuses are often beaten and jabbed with ankuses (like the one Rohit holds in his PeTA ad). These heavy iron rods are used to force elephants to submit and perform frightening, unnatural tricks. When they aren’t performing, elephants are often kept chained so that they can’t take more than a single step in any direction. Gigantic as they may be, it takes a voice like Sharma’s to draw attention to their cause. Kudos from us to the cricketing sensation and more power to his bat..

Article by - Sonali Velinker Kamat

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