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published time By Liveinstyle published time 16 Jan, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

Katrina Kaif is actually making jokes about mismatched bikinis! Clearly, notes Nichola Pais, a gal in love can’t stay angry about anything for too long!

It was July this year when a film magazine famously outed the infamous bikini pics of Katrina, as she holidayed with beau Ranbir Kapoor in Spain. And Hurricane Katrina struck! Cut to the quick, she dashed off a long missive to the media, expressing how “upset, distressed and invaded” she felt about this “act of cowardice.” It’s been several months now. Time enough to get over the “crossing of all lines of privacy and decency,” as she had fumed then. The good part? Look Ma, no grudges!

At a promo event for DHOOM 3, Kat is sitting pretty and perky, holding fort alone – minus Aamir who’s been delayed watching Sachin play his landmark last test – and speaking her mind succinctly on this and other sticky things...

Does it look like I’m upset?

When I saw those particular images I reacted honestly and I reacted from my heart. At that time I felt angry, I felt hurt so I wrote what I felt. A lot of people around me said that you have to expect this, that it’s part of your job and it’s something that’s going to happen. But at that time I can’t explain why I felt hurt – I just did. You react in that moment, you say what you have to and then you move on. Either way you learn from it. They are not wrong in their view but I was not wrong either.

This year will be 9 years that I’m acting in films. You can only go by your experience, right, so when I saw the pictures the first thought that entered my mind was that this has never happened to me in 9 years! This is not right – this is what I felt. I've been to Spain so many times with my sisters, all six of us, skipping down the beach and it’s never happened. I felt it was done with a slightly mean intent. I felt it wasn't done in a spirit of jest or casualness. But it was my reaction out of hurt – that’s the only way I can explain it. When someone hurts you, especially someone whom you know. They feel they were doing the right thing and some months have passed now and I've also calmed down a bit. I've also realised that they are not wrong in their view but I was not wrong in my view either. In an ideal world, when I come to a press conference for a film, it’s a time when we interact with each other. But when you’re off and you’re going somewhere, it’s your down-time and it would be nice for that to be kept private. But I understand that’s not always going to be possible.

Everyone feels differently

The people who've been involved have already been in front of the media and have addressed this question... Everyone feels differently, you know, so a man may feel a certain way and a woman may feel a different way. I mean, that’s something which you can appreciate. The thing to take away from this, is to live and learn from the whole experience. At the end of the day, life goes on and it’s not such a big deal. There are worse things happening in the world.

These things are expected

Next time if something like that is going to happen, just give me a little bit of notice and I’ll make sure I wear matching clothes, that’s all! Red and white does not match. I know!

I think it’s this age of what has, in the past three-four years, grown and become so huge. The camera phones, iPhones, which have quality that enables you to put them on the big screen, if I’m not mistaken. You have Twitter, you have social networking sites. Everyone and everything has become more accessible, than say four years ago. Now times are changing. This is the age of mobile phones and the internet and these things are going to be expected.

Why is the media behind me and Ranbir?

...Because everyone else is either married or single! Honestly, I’ll say it now – I don’t mind you guys running behind me. I like people running behind me! Run!! …just don’t expect me to stop.

As has been told to me by some dear members of the media after that whole incident when some of them wrote back a letter to me – it was very mean, but never mind! – I’m a celebrity. And a celebrity’s life is open to speculation. And honestly, for the most part, it’s done in good taste. That was an out of the blue incident. For the most part, the media is very harmless.

Being single

I am reverting to my old quote which, I would like to point out, is mine because I’ve heard other people also use it but it’s originally mine and I take copyright on it – I am single till I get married and I’m not married! No plans for marriage yet.

I’m not afraid of anyone

I think the thing with fear is it’s always the anticipation of the worst that can happen. That’s what fear is. But once you start experiencing things, and taking up challenges, going after what you’re afraid of in life and doing what you’re actually scared of, you start losing your fears. And you realise that no matter what, even if things go wrong and don’t turn out how you expect, life goes on and things are usually not as bad as you thought they’d be. Things never really are as bad, even at the worst times.

This article first appeared in December 2013 issue of Cine Blitz magazine