Padma Lakshmi’s ‘signature’ message

Padma Lakshmi’s love affair with food has become her signature and so it should come as no surprise that the svelte ‘Top Chef’ judge has published two cookbooks and endorsed her fair share of food-related products. Her last avatar as the face of ‘The Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger’ for Carl’s Jr. made eating a burger look like the most erotic thing on earth, preparing us not a bit for Padma’s latest endorsement!

Promoting a ‘green thought’ — and jumping in at the opposite end of the meaty burger spectrum — Padma has joined forces with MorningStar Farms to encourage people to eat veggie protein instead of meat for at least one meal a week. Created as a social-media engagement campaign with a seriously social conscience, the folks at MorningStar Farms suggest that “producing meat can generate more greenhouse gas emissions than everyday road transportation.” Whether Padma has looked into these statistics remains to be seen, but she does encourage people to take the ‘Veg of Allegiance’ and share their pledge on social media using the hashtag #VegAllegiance. “My life revolves around food,” Padma confesses, adding, “I’m an adventurous eater, but I try and stick to a diet rich in vegetables because I believe what we eat matters.”

Targeted at an international audience, Padma has her job cut out in getting the message of this unique campaign across, but when a woman as gorgeous as she is tells you that something is “great for your body,” let’s face it — you are likely to listen!

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