Movie Review: Sabotage – Potentially Race 3!

Abbas-Mustan must be salivating right now. They have found the script they have been waiting for. Sabotage is the perfect recipe for the 3rd film in the Race franchise - It’s convoluted, it’s cheesy and well, it’s totally brain dead.

The plot:

It’s a little difficult to talk about a plot that doesn't make any sense, but I will try. Arnold leads a rag-tag bunch of misfits. They are undercover D.E.A. agents who infiltrate drug mafia gangs and bring them to justice. Trouble begins when they try to steal the mafia during a routine bust. Things go wrong, a squad member dies and the money they are trying to steal goes missing. On top of that, their badges are taken away and they are put under investigation by the D.E.A. for stealing.

After months of investigation, when the case is closed, they get back to work. But then things get murkier as someone starts killing them off, one by one. Now Arnie has to find out who is behind it all and why! To know what happens next, you would have to watch the movie…. which is a real shame!!!

The Pluses:

Pluses? Well, if you don’t have air-conditioning at home and it’s a sweltering hot summer afternoon, then you might just want to take a nap at the theater close by. That’s about it.

The problem is that the director starts with a super dumb script and probably innovates on the way in typical Abbas-Mustan style. It starts off as an action film, which turns into a murder mystery and then into a drama. The twist comes at the very end, but the foundation is so weak that the very basis of the conflict seems redundant. Nothing makes sense and you really have to pray for it to end.

The Popcorn Worthiness:

You know what, this is for the die-hard Arnie fans. If you really love him and want him to be back in the theater, you need to support this film. On the bright side, he delivers more dialogues than most of his movies combined. Not that he gets many dishy dialogues, but then he does dish them out with typical Arnie charisma. So if you want to donate some money to the “Save Arnie” foundation, go for the movie, else don’t let it sabotage your time.

Rating: 2/10

Article by - Virinder Villkhoo

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