Movie Review: Prisoners - A Brooding thriller that works

The Plot :

2 families in a quiet suburban town are devastated when their daughters disappear in broad daylight. A deranged man is suspected of kidnapping them. When the police fail to find the girls, a raging father takes justice into his own hands. Is he right in doing so or does he go too far? Watch this exploitation drama for the answer.

The Plusses :

Every member of the cast is worthy, but Hugh Jackman dives headlong into the role of a raging father and makes you feel his pain. Jake Gyllenhaal uses his Zodiac practice well and broods effectively. But the real heroes are the ones behind the camera. The music by Johann Johannsson builds the tension, the cinematography by Roger Deakins creates the right atmosphere and the director, Denis Villeneuve, knows exactly how to play with your mind.

The Popcorn worthiness :

Hollywood has made many potboilers on Serial Murderers and Child kidnappers, the last noteworthy one being Zodiac made by David Fincher. But nothing really has matched the devastating impact of the Korean movie "Memories of Murder". Prisoners borrows a lot from the 2 movies I have mentioned. It borrows the atmospherics from the Korean film and the lead actor from Zodiac (Jake Gyllenhaal), but it succeeds in hitting you hard. It forces you to put yourself in the shoes of the protagonists and makes you think what would you do had you faced such a situation. It's slow, it's disturbing and it's totally worth the watch.

Rating: 6.5/10

P.S: Not everyone's cup of tea this!

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