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published time By Virinder Villkhoo published time 24 May, 2013 Share image 0 Shares

It’s back and it’s faster than ever before. The cars are blurrier, the curves are more dangerous, the villain is deadlier and their mission more insane. Welcome to the last of the long running action franchises in Hollywood – Fast and the Furious! While the 5th movie in the series revived its fortunes, this will surely bring it back in vogue; especially due to a special appearance of a crazy someone in the last scene.

The Plot:

While you know that the movie is just about mad CAR’otechnics, insane stunts, pretty women and rocket-fuelled cars, there is a small plot involved – the kind of plot that is written over a pint of beer in a bar. But that’s the whole point of the series – high adrenaline, low IQ fun.

After the daring 100 Million Dollar heist in the 5th movie, the World’s fastest and fury’est team has decided to take a chill pill. So Dom (Vin Diesel), Brian (Paul Walker) and Mia (Jordana Brewster) are living a quiet life in Spain. But a daring high speed robbery by a notorious ex-Army man, Owen Shaw (Luke Ewans) leading a notorious bunch of criminals, compels Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) to seek the help of Dom and his gang. There is also the “minor issue” of the resurfacing of Dom’s lady love, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), who was killed off in the 4th film. And then begins the quest to bring back the missing member in the family, coz in this case, the family that races together –stays together!

What Works:

After directing the last 3 movies in this franchise, the director (Justin Lin) knows exactly what to dish out to keep the front rows interested and the cat calls coming! So he fills the story up with petty jokes, fast paced action sequences and also some gritty bare-fisted fights. This keeps the screenplay breezy and the audience interested.

The fact that the actors have played these characters so many times, makes their portrayal genuine and their mad antics believable. So you won’t shake your head in disbelief when you see Dom crashing his car into a wall, flying through the windscreen from one bridge, catching his lady love in between and then landing safely on the windscreen of another car on another bridge, without as much as breaking a nail! The action, though bizarre, works.

What Doesn’t Work:

For all the family drama, plot loopholes and dumb coincidences you might mistake it for a Bollywood film. But then again, Bollywood is miles away from being able to conceptualize and execute with panache, such brilliant car action sequences. Anyways, the problem with the film is that this time the villain doesn’t seem so threatening, the evil plan is not too sinister and his method is not too bright! Some of the action sequences are so fast and blurry that you just don’t understand what’s happening. Infact, the grand finale, which is supposed to be the best action sequence in the film, leaves you a little dissatisfied. Not just because it’s too simplistic, but because it doesn’t have the WOW factor! Even though everybody is dangling at razor edge, you know not a hair on their body will be hurt. The lack of real peril, takes away some of the fun.

To Watch or Not to Watch?

Well, if you are an action junkie, then this is a must-watch film. Just keep your brains in the glove-box, buckle up for a high adrenaline ride, hit “Top Gear” (Namely 6th!), push the accelerator and drift towards the nearest theatre. But if you want some intellectual exercise kindly jam the brakes and steer clear because this frankly is Vehicular Pandemonium!

Rating: 6/10

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